Thursday, May 30, 2013

a million different things

i've been thinking about this space a lot lately. i so wish i could buckle down and spend more time here, but it's hard to sort out the many, many things in my head. and the time that i have to write-after the boys go to bed- is such precious time. when i used to write more, i spent less time with tim (although he was usually still at work so it wasn't an option), slept less, and had a messier house. i like having a tidier house, sleep is quite helpful to maintaining my sanity, and it sure is nice to chat with my husband before the 11pm hour. and i'm a slow writer. even silly posts that are pretty stream of conscience take me a bit to churn out. but i love having this written relic of the past to look back on as our life changes so much over time, all while it seems like it's not changing at all. *insert magic wand waving here!!!*

things that i would like to write about:

-this pregnancy. oh the lessons i've learned. or at least tried desperately to learn but will probably be working on for my whole life. all will be most well. every little thing is going to be okay. be not afraid. courage.
providence. the boys' excitement. the wild belly shows. baby names. tim's excitement and junebug kicking him in the head to predict/declare his/her gender. so many blessings and struggles.

- my big boys. how they've become such great (for the most part) playmates in the last six months. how they call each other bro. their strengths and struggles. ben's first year of school. the emergence of max's solo personality.

- my work. my thoughts on being a working momma, finally being done, and all those feelings. our schedule over the last couple years so i don't forget how full and sometimes crazy it was.

- projects. all the things that i've done during this pregnancy-although none are super stunning before and after reveals. but the little things i'm proud of, like learning how to replace an electrical outlet and light switch. the car saga. projects i still hope to tackle.

brain dump over. not really worth publishing, but oh well.