Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gross, but i couldn't resist.

*as warned in the title, this post is a bit gross. but i'm warning you again, so no one can complain.

ben has been supplementing his diet with.....boogers. yes, as much as we tell him not to and offer him tissues to use instead, he believes in recycling. if anyone has a good remedy for this problem, i'm open to suggestions.

but tonight the following dialogue occurred and made me laugh:

while holding max i went to unbuckle ben's car seat, but first told him to stop picking his nose. noticing he had only stopped because he had found what he wanted and was en route to his mouth with it, i had no choice but to intercept it with my own bare finger and flip it off. because it was dark and he couldn't see what i had done when i turned around, ben dejectedly asked, head bowed, "did you let max eat my big booger?" like i had just stolen his candy and given it to the baby. i gagged a bit for max's sake and informed him that it was in the grass. i think my exact words were, "ugh! gross! (like a thirteen year old) NO, i did not let max eat your booger." for some reason, that made him feel better.

ahhhh, life with boys.


  1. what a crack up!
    I'm waiting for the day Nicholas will start this and I've no idea how I'd break him of that. I guess you could try making up some story about a boy who ate so many boogers he became a booger. Or would he think that would be cool?

  2. well that's a WHOLE new realm of parenting that hadn't occured to me! good luck with that one!

  3. Being the responsible adult that I am, I came home from knitting and promptly checked facebook and am now reading your blog. And now I will have dreams about franticly searching for boogers in the grass so that the baby won't eat them...

    This really did make me laugh out loud, but on the suggestions end of things, my parents used some stuff called StopzIt (or something like that) to get my sister to stop chewing her finger nails and I bet it would work for this too. You paint it on their nails like clear nail polish and it tastes DISGUSTING! (My parents let me try it to avoid the jealousy thing I think). That's all I can think of. Good luck!

  4. So, Bob was acutally me. That's Matt's cleaver Google profile. I didn't want to re-type that whole thing again, so I just posted as him and am now logging in as myself so that you are not confused by this stranger Bob that is reading your blog. It's the same person that walks in to the Marney's neighbors' house at 9:30 at night. But it's ok, because Bob comes bearing chocolate.

  5. love it. i really laughed out loud, especially ben's sadness. very funny.

  6. i knew bob=elizabeth-no need to clarify. and bob does indeed make very, very good chocolates.