Wednesday, February 10, 2010

when it's time to change

(my guys enjoying the snow. note tim's pants. there's a great story about them. will i ever get around to sharing it-probably not.)

we are doing much better since the last post. the boys and i are mostly well again-in body AND mind. we've had the luxury of spending a few FULL days with tim, which has been wonderful. it's amazing how much we took him for granted when he used to have a mostly regular 40ish hour a week schedule.

for those who don't know, tim is now working for freddy's frozen custard. this has been a labor of exhaustion (and some delish food and custard) because, while still fulfilling his duties at his old job, he was working increasingly more hours at freddy's. freddy's is an awesomely run company, in part because most of their managers start at the bottom as custard scoopers and steakburger smashers themselves. it's such a respectful environment and that attitude definitely transcends to the customers, or guests, as they are considered at freddy's. because of his hard work over the last couple months, he has now joined the management team and gets to supervise others as they smash and scoop. it's such a great fit for tim, who loves helping people and is such a fun and caring guy. the perk of yummy food doesn't hurt either.

although this big change has been hard on our little family, it's also had a lot of unforeseen blessings. we value our family time so much more now, the boys and i have gotten to spend a lot of time with our family and friends, and tim is refreshed and renewed by his new adventure. it is so good to see his spirit alive again. oh, and the food. it's good stuff.

my presence around this space could go one of two ways in the coming months. because of an increased commute to his new store and the frustration over his divided attention, i'm going to be taking over most of the responsibilities from tim's non-profit job. while i'm excited to resume the work i did before max was born, and thankful for the opportunity to provide for our family during this transition time, i'm hesitant. nervous about balancing my mothering time with work. and nervous about venturing back into this challenging work in a more visible way. so i might not be around this space much. OR i might be around more, avoiding paperwork and not having the boys around constantly. honestly, i'll probably be around as much as i've always been, lazily posting whenever i muster the brainpower.

any prayers or warm fuzzy thoughts would be appreciated as i put on my big girl face and head out into the world.


  1. that's great! this will be good for you, i'm sure. furthermore, i think you should get some pants like tim's. call them your "Power Pants" and wear them in moments of weakness. i will keep my eyes peeled for just such attire and will send it to you. everyone needs Power Pants.
    and Freddy's is awesome, i agree.

  2. We want the story of Turbo's pants!