Tuesday, March 2, 2010

large print

(that title has nothing to do with this post really. it's just the first thing i saw when i looked up.)

i'm here sitting in the library of my youth. i'm in my hometown doing classes for work. i should be working, but, obviously, i'm not. someone else is slaving away watching my children. i should be working, but, i'm not.

i'm in a much more melancholy mood than is helpful for my work. i try to muster all my energy and enthusiasm for class, and then feel the adrenaline wear off as i head home. but i just don't have the pep today. they stare blankly at me, and i'm really tempted to just stare back at them until they respond. but the tough gal routine doesn't win them over in the way i feel it's necessary. i might need to bring candy tomorrow.

oh so many thoughts that i could pour out about this "hometown" of mine, or this library, or this job, or this melancholy. but i'm tired. and i need to go.


  1. I have the melancholy today too. The last week had gone pretty well and then yesterday and today- bleh. The sunshine was supposed to make everything better!

  2. Maybe it's the moon. I'm with ya! I didn't think yesterday was going to stop torturing me!!!

  3. I too am in the funkiest of funks! I'm pretty much on the verge of tears at all times... ugh!

  4. I've kept thinking about this blog post since I first read it last week. It has continued to resonate with me. I hope that nature slowly pulling back the curtain of spring these last 2 weeks has helped to begin dispelling the melancholy. But I know it is more than that too, because I definitely feel the same "desert" you're currently going through in regards to reconfiguring the "work" aspect of family life. I think of the scripture on "my yoke is easy and my burden is light". Things are a little tougher right now, but they are specially fitted to who I am, burdens shaped for my shoulders. I can handle what's sent my way, and I know you'll be able to as well, my little strong sis. Thanks for all the little notes and waves through the door this week. They've lightened my load. What can we do to help with yours?