Monday, May 17, 2010

that'll do.

after the last couple posts, it's only fair to share our very good day today.

tim had the day off, which is becoming like a holiday around here. back when he had a "normal" schedule, the weekends weren't really that big of a deal. now, i look forward to days off oh so much.

after i fed the boys breakfast, tim took them on an "adventure". (pretty much any activity that is daddy only is called an adventure because when ben was little (and max now), ben didn't like going places without me. so if we played it up as an "adventure", he was game. and really any amount of time spent with tim IS and adventure, because no one, including him, really knows what's going to happen.)having tim up and functioning before 9:30 is a pretty big deal, so having all three of them out the door by that time was HUGE!

tim took the boys to his mom's while he got some jobs done and i got to have quiet, uninterrupted work time. by the time i saw the boys in the afternoon, they were the cutest little guys i had ever seen. amazing the power of just a few hours to refresh the momma spirit!

we stopped at freddy's on the way home for an early dinner, so when we got home we just got to chill as a family. so. nice.

(uncle sam wants YOU!)

around six i gave the boys a snack and sent them outside to burn off energy, where they made grass hats-putting freshly cut grass on their heads. (my Godfather/brother/neighbor came over and mowed our foot-high yard last night. i almost cried.) after the grass hats, tim gave them baths and they went to bed.

THEN!!! i got to go on an awesome date with my husband. an already great day totally blown off the charts. i got "cuted" up because i was tired of being a troll mommy and we went to timberline. the food was soooo good and it was nice and mellow because it was a late dinner. in an alternate life, tim and i meet up for late dinners often at quiet spots around town. but tonight i was just happy to get to tell a story without interruption, no potty breaks were needed, and the only food i cut was my own.

on the way home, i was cold, so as a joke i put on ben's sweatshirt.

it was a lot easier going on than coming off. i got stuck for a bit while tim laughed at me.

i love this dress. i can't help but feel happy and carefree when i wear it. (except for the windy day that i wore it to mass. that's a doozy of a story.) and my red shoes. they also make me happy.

our days haven't been quite so "challenging" lately. i've been trying to reach out to our support network of family and friends more, which helps break up the monotony and keeps me and the boys from getting totally done with each other. it's silly really-we chose to live were we do so we can be close to our families and dear friends. but i don't like to "bother" them and ask for help. but my boys really are wicked cute and quite fun and for the most part, it's more like sharing the boys with our loved ones than bothering them. i just have to put my obnoxious pride aside that tells me i should be able to do all this on my own. supermom i am not. but that's okay because God has given me what i need. and then some extra blessings on top of that.

so reach out and feel the love. and pray out loud. i find that really helps!


  1. Good for you, Mary! And you look AWESOME in the photos! You can tell by your glow that you'd had a GREAT day!

  2. Mary, you look really cute in that dress. I'm glad you had such a good day. I'm the same as you, I don't really reach out to the resources I have to help me when I'm ready to tear my hair out. Maybe we should start a support group :)

  3. Mary, you bring me such joy and so I'm glad you finally had a GOOD day :) You looked super cute. It's funnny I've always wanted to try the whole leggings-under-a-dress/skirt look but just haven't. It really looks good on you.
    It was great of you to come by yesterday, the table is a big hit so far and has only caused minimal squabbling. :) Here's to hoping for more good days like this for you.
    p.s. I wish you would 'bother' me more often
    Amy-it's called knitting night :) Which I missed tonight...

  4. Hooray for off the chart good days! And I echo everyone's comments that you looked pretty darn adorable - I love your smile! I also envy the fact that you can squeeze into (and eventually out of) your sons clothing. I honestly thought you had a cropped sweater on with 3/4 length sleeves since it matched your shoes. Had me fooled (and now a tad bit jealous of your tininess). May you be blessed with many more wonderful days.