Sunday, August 29, 2010

y'all gonna make me lose my mind.

i am beyond fried today. max is being "tricky" and has been for the last three weeks (or two years). seriously, i almost burst into tears multiple times at Mass this morning, and i'm just not that kind of person. but max fell asleep on the way home and STAYED asleep when i brought him in (cue clouds parting and choirs of angels singing.)

after i plugged ben in, i went to pull my hair up because i was really hot and thought i would amuse myself with a blog post about it.

my hair is really thick, so if it's on my neck i get way hot and it makes me crazy. like, "i'm going to shave my head if this hair doesn't stop touching me" crazy! i like it when my hair is short but it takes frequent haircuts to keep it that way because my hair grows fast. i'm more of a once a year haircut kind of gal than every 6 weeks. i also avoid cuts because i have this fantasy that if i grow my hair long, it will magically curl and tussle into soft, perfectly imperfect spirals. so i avoid cutting it. but then i get crazy hot.

if i pull my hair into a stubby ponytail my boys see it as their duty to pull it out or mess with it-which totally makes me crazy and i end up growling that if they touch me again i'll bite off their hand. it's also really annoying in the car not to be able to put my head back on the headrest. so i put it in pigtails when i get hot. (ben still plays with the pigtails but since they're easier to fix it doesn't bother me quite as much. i have had to bite his hand off a few times though, because when i put him in his car seat, he pulls my pigtails like bell chords and makes accompanying sounds. chomp!)

so why are pigtails blog worthy. well, they're really not, but my need to discuss this matter is based on the fact that...i'm not a pigtail kind of girl.

pigtails are for little girls, coy playgirls, or southerners/farm girls who wear red gingham button down shirts tied above their belly buttons.

i am none of those. i am a ponytail kind of girl. not a high ponytail (ditzy) or a low ponytail (studious), not a side ponytail (trendy)or a cute, perfectly messy ponytail (i envy those), just a middle of the head ponytail that attracts absolutely no attention. honestly in middle and high school, unless my hair was short, the number of times i wore my hair down could probably be counted with both hands. i always wanted to be one of those girls who wore different, cute hairdos, but i lack the patience, skillz, and motivation. i am a wash and go kind of gal.

so when i wear pigtails, i feel like i'm living a lie. i'm advertising to the world that i am a person that i simply am not.

i envy the veils of religious sisters and islamic women who wear head scarfs. a couple of weeks ago, a friend and i joked about starting a "wigs for white girls" club.

maybe i should just go get my hair cut.

don't be fooled into thinking max actually napped the whole time that i wrote this post. no, i actually stopped and came back to it, because it was obviously that important.

peace out.

(like my new sunglasses? although they are very not me, i think they're super cute. guess where i got them. tim bought them for himself and although i tried to stiffle my laughter, he instantly knew they were girl glasses based on my reaction. he had his suspicions when he bought them but because they were only a dollar and he was tired of squinting, he took the chance. he always gets paranoid when buying glasses because he can't tell the difference. i bought him some for christmas that he really liked, but he lost them, along with three other pairs, so he gets no sympathy from me.)


  1. I think your pigtails are cute - and kudos for actually being brave enough to wear them. I have often thought that putting my hair in pigtails would be an answer to my prayers - as I also get hot - and I think I have worn my hair in a pony tail at the nape of my neck every day for the past several months. Unfortunately, when I put it in a high ponytail I get a headache. But pigtails would most likely balance out the weight of my hair - or at least give my head different spots to be sore for a while. I think I just need to learn how to french braid my own hair (I can do it for others but can't keep mine tight enough - you know it is awkward to braid your own hair). Anyhow, that's my two cents.

  2. to me your pigtails just look like you- fabulous little mama, amazing little lady, one of the few, the proud, one of the A. girls:) since i have been wearing my hair short (for me anyway) i feel like i need to tell the people who have only known me with short hair that really, deep down i am a long hair girl!

  3. i KNEW it! (referring to the whole pigtails vs. ponytail thang) maybe i have YOU to thank for paul's level of comfort and satisfaction with the sweet, simple ponytail! thank goodness, or he wouldn't have been able to marry me.

  4. So, if I don't consider myself one of the three that you listed as those who wear pigtails, and I wear braids more often than pigtails, do I still qualify? Or is that a whole different category? :) I think you look cute, and there is a fourth "type" - You! ;)

  5. i've tried to make a comment her 2 times but it doesn't work....let's see if this does...

  6. oh now it works and I've forgotton what I'd said before.
    Basically I UNDERSTAND.
    I've got those wigs on their way!
    I love you and your piggies and think you CAN pull it off better than most others! So wear those pigtails!

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