Monday, September 13, 2010


that's the sound of my brain taking a picture. i've been having to take a lot of brain pictures lately because our camera is broken. (that's actually what inspired my last post, because i never appreciate our camera until the battery is dead or now, broken. it's a luxury, not a necessity to have a nice camera. when i take things out of the necessity category, it makes me realize how really very blessed i am.)

so if my camera were working, these would be the pictures i would post.

-my boys "reading" on top of the submarine tim built them out of boxes. they were frighteningly quiet out in the family room so i peeked around the corner to see them perched atop the U.S.S Peter T. Hooper. *click*

-the U.S.S. Peter T. Hooper herself, in all her glory. *click*

-the sand castles we built in the sandbox this morning. it was a glorious morning and we soaked it up outside. when we got our new fridge i kept the door shelfy box things from the old fridge (since i new it was going to get trashed :( i figured i could at least repurpose something out of the deal.) one of the shelfy box things got sent to the sandbox and it makes great bricks. now, don't let your imagination get too carried away. i didn't make a sandcastle out of shoe box sized bricks (yet!), but they did have multiple levels and i was pretty proud. *click*

-our feet and hands after playing in the sandbox. we were grubby little puppies when all was said and done. thinking about it just now, i dread looking in the bath tub. but at least it was a happy mess. *click*

-seven kiddos sitting against our deck rail eating dessert with evening sun making them glow. we were blessed with the wonderful company of three momma friends last night and their nine children. beautiful chaos! at one point, i think there was ten kiddos, from ages 7 down to 9 months, in the sandbox. *click*click*

-house projects i have been working on, including our new! kitchen! i've been trying to stream line and organize this summer (and the last three years) to make our house a more peaceful home. i really hate clutter. it stresses me out and turns me into a very bad wife, mother, and person. the rub is that tim and i are both accumulators and we have two small children. stuff can take over very quickly around here. it's a work in progress, but with some serious inspiration from the Holy Spirit and help from my momma, i'm happy with my results. *click*click*click* and *click* (the kitchen required a few extra pictures : )

well, that sums up life around here. hope you enjoyed the pictures. (bah ha ha ha ha. i crack myself up.)

here's a couple pics from the archives because this is really were i take a lot of my pictures-at the table, were my boys hold still, if only for a little bit.

sticking out his tongue for pictures is in his genes.

"an empty bowl doesn't count, max, if you've just moved all of your breakfast to another bowl."

the look that will take him far in life.


  1. oh, Mary - I LOVE your archive pics (and your creativity, of course). You know, it just dawned on me as I read this that I have never actually met your family. I have not met your husband or your boys in real life. I think the last time I saw you in person would have been in high school - at some retreat or other (since we went to different high schools). Bizzare, 'eh? In any case, I definitely now get all thos "curly locks" comments and I REALLY LOVE "THE LOOK" given in this last photo - a keeper for sure!!

  2. oh my goodness gracious! the boys have grown so much! and seriously, that hair on max. what in the world are you going to do with all the cuteness when he gets to high school? you think you've got problems NOW?!
    i'm hugging you in my mind - and missing you.

  3. What an adorable post. I really enjoyed reading it! ooo, I wish I had a 'photographic memory'! ;o)

  4. I sometimes say "click" when I want to remember a memory. Not necessarily a capturable moment...sometimes just a feeling. Sounds silly, but I really think it works!
    Loved your post on Money Saving Mom today! I'm a new follower!
    Family Friendly Frugality

  5. mary-yah, i think it has been since high school. gotta love the interwebs for bringing people together.

    michelle-we miss you to. come by and be charmed by my boys. please don't make me think about high school. ben already acts like he's a teenager. oh the negotiations!

    welcome to sarah jean and heather.