Friday, October 1, 2010

happy day

this week has been stressful.

trying to work. taking care of mitter max, who has the cincinnati hot poops. coordinating wootang roof-fest 2010. still not having a camera. constantly squabbling boys. only seeing my husband when i should be sleeping and spending that time discussing the sick boy and the house.

this week has had joys as well.

celebrating max's birthday with our wonderful families. getting to help my incredible mother-in-law, if only in a small way. feeling the love of my brothers who will assemble to help us roof tomorrow. the few moments when the boys aren't trying to kill each other when they are best buddies.

i'm trying very hard to chose to have a good day today. if i could have this song on constant replay, i think it would help. it is 3 minutes of bliss. the boys and i have watched and listened to it over and over and over and can't help but giggle and dance and laugh. (and no, this video is not a hint of any sort. one has to have a husband to get in the family way.)

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

happy friday. happy feast of st. therese.


  1. this brought me, (and James) a nice little distraction thx

  2. cute video! and THANK YOU for the recipe idea! I think I can manage it and it sounds like something the kids will eat too! And thank you for showing me that someone else out there isn't afraid to use the canned crescent rolls :)

  3. ps. hope the little guy gets well soon. i hate that sickie season is starting already... stresses me out!

  4. just thought i'd tell you i'm making your bierock casserole for dinner tonight! thanks again! and i forgot to answer your question about the red table. i bought it new, but it looks really really old! i got it at a store in texas when we lived there - it was the 1st "real" piece of furniture we ever purchased and my husband was beside himself that we were spending money to buy something that looked so old! i love old though and i, too, love farm tables (obviously!). One day, i'd like to add a farm bench to one of the tables because i love them too!