Sunday, November 28, 2010

a different kind of adventure

i'm supposed to be in st. louis right now. it was just going to be a quick trip-ride out with one of my awesome cousins today, do a little shopping tomorrow morning, then head back home by myself with a car she needs returned to our lovely sunflower state.

but i'm not there because ben and max are sick. max is on the mend from a pretty nasty cold/fever thing and ben got sick during the night last night. because i have an amazing mother-in-law, as of yesterday, she was still willing to keep the boys today, knowing full well that max might be quite unpleasant. and really, she probably would have still kept them, even with both of them sick, because she really is that wonderful.

but i just couldn't do it. i gave up a totally rad road trip with my way cool cousin who i rarely get to see, finally getting to go to trader joe's, as well as what i was dreaming to be a totally enchanting stroll around the st. louis galleria, which apparently is a pretty nice mall. that might sound odd-mary, a mall rat? while i'm not a huge shopper per se, i really enjoy walking around cool stores and people watching. add in a yummy coffee and no kids to chase and it sounded like quite the fantasy. anthropologie, h&m, urban outfitters, restoration hardware-all passed on so i could spend the day as a human kleenex.

so max brightened my morning as he proudly stumbled around in tim's boots. and my daddy brought me stew and freshly baked bread and stayed with my napping boys so i could go to Mass. although i was pretty bummed about not getting to go, receiving that act of love and kindness from my dad and having ben tell me several times that i was his best momma because i take such good care of him, made my very tiring day not so bad after all.

i had been wanting to make advent more meaningful and mindful this year, so i guess this was God's little gift to me to help me slow down.


  1. oh, strawberry! you handled your disappointment with such grace. you are one tough little mama!!

  2. I think this is one of your best posts. Good and cathartic. We were so sad for you when we heard Uncle Rick was going instead. Ooohhh...poor Mary. We know how much a parent bound by children (or chickens) can begin to look covetously at travel. I got quite excited about getting to go to Hu Hot Mongolian Grill and Doc Greens last week while I was at the Regan Institute over at Kapaun. Even a culinary adventure can seem a luxurious companion to the prairie homebound. (Did you see what I did in that sentence? Pretty slick literaryness, aye?) But you found beauty and the sweetness of acceptance in God's plan. Wuv you.