Wednesday, February 9, 2011


please excuse the pictures in this post. late night pics=poor quality. but i figured sub-par pictures are better than none at all.

a couple of saturdays ago tim's sweet momma hosted a valentine making party. she had hosted one two years ago and it was so much fun, so i was really looking forward to doing it again. it is so interesting to sit around a table with other women and watch then create, have some peaceful, UNINTERRUPTED creative time to myself, and of course, just chat. i love to see the ideas that other people come up with-the creative energy really seems to brew and build.

i love to see how people's personalities come out in their projects. tim's sister had an idea of who she wanted to make her valentines for and worked accordingly, customizing each card for the recipient. i, on the other hand, just spent my time making cards that i liked, trying to incorporate different ideas and elements that i thought would be interesting, with no one in particular in mind to receive them.

one of the best parts of the morning was that tim's dad sat down with us for quite awhile and made a card for jeannie. i didn't get to see the final product-we made him hide it away until valentine's day to give to her, but i'm sure it's dazzling. i know i've said it before, but it's worth repeating- i'm so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. they are kind and generous, and honestly, they're just fun people to be around.

(while we had all the supplies out, i made a card for some friends' wedding that is coming up. aren't their wedding invitations so cool.)

i picked these up on clearance last year-not because we watch yo gabba gabba but because i thought they were so squirrelly. since i didn't get christmas cards sent out, i've been working on sending out valentine's day cards and have fun putting these in for the kids in the families. my motivation for sending out cards, other than telling our family how much we love them, is to give them our most recent family picture.

(the frame for the picture is another one i painted. such a rewarding, cheap project.)

i'm pretty proud of myself for getting such an early start on sending out the cards. i always have such good intentions, but don't actually start trying to send out cards until right before the holiday, and then it just doesn't happen. even with the million interuptions of the boys, i'm pretty certain i'll get these finished in time. huzzah for small victories!


  1. Very nice. Personal/homemade Valentines are the BEST! Your re-purposing of frames is so inspiring. I may have to whip out some spray paint come spring and do a few of my own.

    Crazy, I don't think I had every met or seen your husband until that picture. What a great looking family!


  2. I agree with Monica. I love the valentines. I love the frame. And your family pick looks AMAZING!! Go you! :)

  3. Neato torpedo to EVERYTHING!

    Your new family picture is excellent. Is it only available in vertical? You see, I already did our 2011 refrigerator configuration, and your ancient ben and max photo is currently nestled into the middle horizontally. You did this just to make my life difficult, didn't you? :)

    I already have the design for our Easter cards in my head. i'm excited.

  4. JOEL!!!! I am so glad I am not the only one who configures my refrigerator and then stresses over the straggling pictures not fitting as they should. Like, wow. I totally hear you in a very nerdy sort of way.

  5. Wonderful post Mary. As always I'm inspired by your creativity. And Joel and Monica, I have no words for you. I'm pretty sure my unorganized and non-symmetrical refrigerator configuration would send you into fits.

  6. So, I am finally catching up on your blog... As Joel kept insisting, it really is amazing.

    I *had* to comment on this post, because Ryan and I are gluttons for attention, and we got a minor shout-out on this one. For the record, I commented *immediately* on how much I liked the card. Ryan was supposed to mention that in the thank you card.