Saturday, December 31, 2011


today as i thought about the passing of another year and what i wanted to say about it, i cried. yes, i'm exhausted from a very busy week, which always makes me more sensitive, but honestly, it's been a pretty tough year. not that any of our last seven have been praticularly "easy" years, but this one has been especially hard on me. tim's job keeps him away from our family a lot. our boys are exhausting. i don't know what the future holds for our family.

but i also know that these struggles are blessings. tim has a secure job that he likes. our boys are amazing. these challenges help me to grow and to trust.

and a lot of really great stuff has happened this year too. our friends and family have welcomed so many beautiful babies into this world. we've had many really great days together as a little family, finally learning how to treasure the precious time we have.

2011-you brought me to my knees many times. but you also taught me a lot. i'm tired but thankful. thank you Father.


  1. I always appreciate your candor Mary. And I can relate to your post. 2011 was hard on me too; even though in the grand scheme of things, I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about... only lots of blessings. But I, too, have a husband who is gone a lot and caring for crazy small children all the time can do a lot to exhaust a person... physically and emotionally. So I get it. And I'm with you on the learning through it too. Hang in there! You are a great mama! May 2012 bring you good things... and lots of opportunities to learn :)

  2. Oh Mary, I am crying right along with you. 2011 seems to have been a rough year for a lot of people. And I'm right there with you with not knowing what the future holds for our family. I seriously think this post could have been mine. Especially that last line. I always enjoy your posts. Thank you so much for writing this. I was kind of feeling sorry for myself today, and you put it all in perspective for me. Hang in there, 2012 is going to turn things around, I can feel it :)

  3. Like this post. 2011 was... a whole host of adjectives. But mostly just unexpected. I hope that your 2012 brings peace and many more blessings.

  4. Hey Practical Strawberry, haven't been able to keep up because I don't see a way to subscribe to your posts on here! But I'm sorry 2011 was so hard. I know that feeling. Listen - it can only get better. (Because kids grow up and then you can drink more. ha!)