Monday, July 22, 2013

a night in the life of tim and mary

i was going to just write this in my journal, because these are the things i don't want to forget, but decided to write it here in case it amused anyone else.

tonight i was outside watching the gorgeous lightening storm after sunset when tim pulled into the driveway. he walked over to me and after chatting a bit, he told me how much i had scared him when he pulled up.

t: "i was rockin' out to my music, pull up, watching the lightening, and then i see you with your back turned to me. i was terrified you were going to [tim imitates a zombie slowly turning around and staggering towards his car]."

m: "thanks for not shooting me in the head."

t: "oh man, mare. don't become a zombie. i'd hate to have to shoot you. actually, as scary as you are in real life, it probably wouldn't be so hard. you'd be terrifying!"

oddly, i took that as a compliment, but still had to pinch him.

tim's really good at doing voices, so he then made me laugh hysterically as he narrated the storm in a voice that would be inappropriate for me to try to describe.

and now, while i'm writing, he's scanning netflix for a movie to watch. one of his suggested categories, based on his past viewings, is "dark suspenseful foreign revenge movies". we rarely watch movies together.


  1. Haha! Steve and I both enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.I'm sure you and Tim have lots of fun together.

  2. Lol. If there is a zombie apocalypse, I am gone in the first wave, thankyouverymuch. I am too lazy to fight for my life.

  3. Hahahahahahaha. This definitely made me chortle a little.

  4. In the event of a zombie apocalypse I'm heading out to the Woodburn homestead. I'll cook and clean for you as long as Tim keeps my family and myself alive and well. If he's truly successful and we are some of the only survivors the future of the world may have a much higher percentage of curly haired individual walking around.

  5. i agree erin- i have already informed tim that the only reason i will fight to survive is for my children. who really wants to live in a post apocalyptic world?!

    elizabeth, you totally crack me up. tim and i had a discussion about how you and matt's skillz would really enhance quality of life in that dark future world.