Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good days and bad days

I keep trying to write/edit a follow up post to that last doozy. I hate that it just hangs out there. I keep trying to write a tidy, life's getting better post. And some days I have it almost done, and then a real kicker of a day plows us over and I don't want to be a liar.

When I wrote that last post, I was at the peak of exhaustion. Or one of many peaks. Sleep is important, and 15 months without a full night takes a big toll. (That is a huge understatement.)  I can joke about it or make light about it, but honestly, last year, for a lot of different reasons, had some pretty dark days. I've tried to write about it, but the words are so insufficient, and it is so very complex.

Writing about hard things is...hard. It takes a lot of energy and still often just doesn't measure up. Very, very rarely, if ever, do I think we, the reader of blogs, get an accurate understanding of someone else's life. Because I really, really struggle with envy, i try to be honest about how i'm feeling, but even my "honesty" is pretty edited in this space. That has always been something that I wrestle with. I miss writing, but I don't want to be a whiner on bad days, nor only highlight the good days. This is where I could say something obnoxious about balance. Screw balance. It doesn't exist. We have restless hearts in this fallen world.

The thing that I have learned and keep trying to remember is that, yes, there will be bad days. There will also be good days. There is no equation that when properly executed equals all good days. But there are also things that can be done to make bad days better. The sun will shine again. We will all be simultaneously healthy someday.

I am getting more sleep these days. Thank you Jesus! I'm trying to take better care of myself. Tim has some exciting work changes on the horizon. We are blessed to have amazing friends and family. A couple weeks ago, Ben told me I was the best mom in the world, only one centimeter below Mother Mary. Those are very good things.

Last week Max got some burns on his face because I was tired and spaced out in the kitchen. As he was screaming and clutching his eyes, Ben said, "Well I hope he isn't blind." To which  I hissed, "Shut up! That was a stupid thing to say!" We don't say shut up to each other and we don't say stupid. I don't feel good about hissing at my children. Those were not so great things. But I said I was sorry, which I then had to repeat twice, because his cold had his ears plugged up. "Oh, MORE servings of humble pie. Thank you. Yes, I suppose I needed that." And Max's eyes are okay. Thank you Guardian Angel for protecting him!

So, good days and bad days. The sun will shine again.

But I'd like to take a break from writing about feeeeeeeelings and am thinking i'd like to use this space for some accountability in decluttering. Ooooooor it will lay dormant again. Who knows. :)


  1. Oh Mary, my dear, dear, dear friend, I love you! I so admire your honesty, even if it is only a partial glimpse into what it's really like. I hope writing it out like this is helpful to you at least. Why pay for therapy when you have a blog and a readership full of family and friends to support you? ;) (That said, real therapy CAN be very helpful!...not saying that you need it...ok I'll "shut up" now.)
    I understand the dark days - even if your dark days are different than mine - and I am praying for you my friend and am with you.

  2. How exciting it was to find this post hiding in my blog feed! I think you should definitely use your blog for some before and after pictures of decluttering. Before and after pictures are my favorite.....and I know how you just like to make me happy....

  3. What a little treat to see this in my feedly! I have a lot of dark days too, friend. Like Erika said, I am sure mine are different than yours...but they are definitely there.

    A series on decluttering it is!

  4. always keep it real, homie. we all know that digital representations of each other's lives are often glittery B.S. - but each of us are loved very much anyway by all those who truly matter. chin up! you got this!

  5. I have to say, Benedict's comments really cracked me up; best part of this post was his blind comments. I would read your blog even if it was about decluttering, as long as you include some humorous kid stories.

    Grumpy Gorilla

  6. You really are a talented writer. That little scene at the end was so aptly described. Thank goodness for in-tact eyes and sleep!

  7. It does seem that the bad days are more frequent in the winter, doesn't it. I too, have bad days and have "hissed" at my kids at times. The guilt that comes later just adds to it.

    Not to be a pusher, but I have found that coffee has really helped me with the sleep deprivation this time around. I'm way more productive and just generally more happy this time around and I honestly think I can thank coffee for that. Hang in there. Spring will be here before we know it.