Wednesday, September 9, 2009

long days

some days i feel like this. so spent that i think my arms could fall off if i have to do one. more. thing. (her arms, though, in fact, were smashed off by an irritated boy named damien, er, ben. i did not handle that moment with grace. )

yesterday was one of THOSE days. i will neither confirm nor deny that i locked ben outside in the rain for a brief moment. on purpose. a dear friend called me today and she was having one of THOSE days. (although i don't think any children were locked out of her house.) my day would have been another one of THOSE days, but i sought refuge at my parent's house. twice. when tim called and reminded me he had to work late, i called my mom, begged, and loaded up the boys again.

hope all is bright and sunny in your neck of the woods. i'm off to pray for grace. and patience. and a whole bunch of other virtues i lack.

**i tried to post this last night but the formatting was being weird. then max woke up, and decided he didn't want to sleep....for most of the night. amazingly, even after only getting about 5 hours of interrupted sleep, we had a great day today. ben was a total doll. sweet, helpful, a good listener. praise the Lord for answered prayers.

***can someone please tell me why i occasionally can't get paragraph breaks. i'm getting hulk angry over here. like right now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (i now have bulging muscles and am green.) oh. now it's working. please excuse me while i go decompress.


  1. Is it wrong that I laughed at the picture of Mary without arms? I am sure she forgives Ben for smashing her arms. Today was better here too, for the most part. I reminded them of yesterday and how they didn't want to go there. And Adelle took a four hour nap. Thank you, Lord.

  2. I had a few of THOSE days this week, something about having sinus issues and cloudy weather with 5 small children. There has been a lot of praying this week. I guess I will be thankful all our Mary's here have arms :)

    **My only guess on the formatting is maybe its your browser, I had problems with formatting before updating my web browser.

  3. i love you mary, you're pretty awesome. i dont yet know what it's like to have "those" days with children, but i've stored many nuggets of helpful parenting advice in the back of my mind.... like locking kids out of the house!

  4. I had to look twice at the picture - didn't notice her hands were missing at first glance - and then laughed... and laughed again when you called him Damien! I hate that that name was ruined by whatever movie it was... because it's my hubby's confirmation name and he'd like to "reuse" it someday. Anyway, thank you for sharing. I too, have had lots of whispered words sent skyward this week. It's so nice to know we all have moments!

  5. You're so funny. I love the humor in your writing...I'm not sure if my reply to your e-mail got to you a couple of days ago since we had problems with that one other time. You really encouraged me this week and I wanted to say thank you....I hope you're having a much better day today! :)

  6. I was locked out of the house once...very traumatic.
    anyway, :) Is it bad to be comforted in the fact that I'm not the only one who has lot of THOSE days? I mean, should I really want other people to also? Well either way, you are a great mom and think it is great you can find humor in the not so humorous moments.

  7. thank you all for the comments. they make me happy.

    erin, i take pictures so i can laugh-later of course. and have evidence for black mailing adult children.

    amanda-i know the damien thing is in some movie, but even before i knew about that, i've always thought it sounded evil. sorry. maybe it can be another middle name. D. is a good initial.