Saturday, September 26, 2009


(this post is dedicated to you, joel-the best twin God could have ever given me. and max-because in one way or another, you have consumed a lot of this month.)

september has been a very busy month. busy with what? i wasn't sure about that myself until i looked back at my pictures for the month. in chronological order...

lots and lots of rain, which has made our yard a friendly place for these horrid little fungi to pop up. they look like nerf darts, but smell terrible. i can stand in the yard and smell them without even being able to see them. weird.

lots and lots of outside time, in spite of the fungi. because we know all to well that winter will soon close in around us and we have to try to store up as much sunshine as possible for our little solar-powered bodies.

moving rooms around. my poor husband bears the burden of moving the furniture around way too often because i get tired of being home all the time and need change. i don't really like change in my life, but i LOVE moving furniture. (and by "i" love moving furniture, i really mean, i love saying "hey tim...." and watching him cringe and his eyes twitch as he waits for what will come next.)
this time was legit. max needed to be out of our room for many reasons, but neither him nor ben sleep well enough to be put together. so we moved our room instead to give the boys their owns rooms. tim doesn't like asking other people (like the many very strong family members who live very close) to help, so he does it by himself. to move our king sized mattress upstairs he harnessed all his rage (hence the glowing eyes) then sandwiched himself inside. he amazes me.
moving the rooms led to a lot of exhaustion and i'm still working on getting everyone, and everything settled. bleh. it's definitely gotten the moving bug out of my system. (another fact: although i like to move furniture, the idea of moving to a new house terrifies me. that's why we bought this one. we didn't want to move, so we bought the house we were renting. not really, but kinda. )

and then MAX TURNED ONE!!! YAY!!! yep, we officially survived a whole year with sir maximus mittens. (i know, a pretty badass nickname. he's gonna love it when he's older.)

their was ample celebrating and we still have one party to go. we love you maxey baby.

we were also visited by an alien. a cute, shaggy alien who spent the night with his brothers at our house. in addition to my own two, it seems like there's always a couple extra boys around here, just for good measure. makes a gal feel safe. or crazy. mostly crazy.

more enjoying sunshine. and destruction.

and lots of wildflowers from our walks. the boys love to pick flowers for me. jackie, one of my beautiful sisters, always has seasonal fresh flowers around their home and it's such a simple, happy thing. it's a good reminder to slow down and enjoy all the beauty around us.
i guess that's about it. it always amazes me how looooonnng and short a month can seem all at the same time. so long when tim's working late for the third night that week. but so short when it's all said and done.
i am blessed.


  1. i don't even know why the format decided it doesn't like paragraph breaks. i hate you technology. and i tired. so poo poo to you.

  2. You really do have a beautiful life Mary, with or without paragraph breaks. That's all I've got to say about that.

  3. OH goodness, I can pin-point exactly the smell of which you speak. We were on a walk the other day and I caught a whiff of it and I tell you a smell can just take you to a place. It's crazy. This one took me back to days of my childhood playing outside. Guess we must have had a bunch of those nasty little stinkers in our yard growing up, too.

    Anyways, sounds like you've had a nice month. We've been trying to soak up the outdoors too, not really sure I am ready for the adjustment of being cooped up indoors indefinitely. Ahhhh, Kansas.

  4. i just love your insanity. good luck with your own room, i'm sure it was much-needed.