Sunday, October 25, 2009

ummm...(shy) hello.

so it's been awhile. my excuse-the camera was broken. i'm really not interesting enough to go several posts without pictures. i use my children as a crutch. two cute crutches. my smarter--than-me three year old pointed out to me that i could use the camera on my phone. but it's hard to catch my very active boys on my slow phone camera. and i would then have to figure out how to download those pics.

i enjoying writing, but it takes more brain power than i've been able to muster lately. and, unless i have something worthwhile to write about, other than red shoes and word scrambles, i kinda feel like i'm wasting your time. but isn't that exactly what we turn to the Internet for-to waste time? i know i sure do. so, do i write mindless sillies that entertain myself and maybe you, or do i just not write anything at all? to be, or not to be? bacon or sausage? life's great mysteries.

until i get all that figured out, i think i'll just keep reinforcing this kind of good behavior by taking pictures.


  1. I love sending mixed messages to children by saying "Don't you ever do that again, but hold that pose while I grab the camera..." It's a recurring theme in our house (and blog). I really think that could add an important element to the Love and Logic course. We should look in to getting that added in.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I'm not interesting enough to go more than a few paragraphs without pictures, so you're way ahead of me in that arena.


    have fun!

  3. love the picture. its been pretty boring around here too, but i keep hoping someone else will find something blog worthy. thanks for the effort.

  4. i love your randomness! I've been sitting at the computer while nursing a lot and keep hoping you'll write more! You could blog about squid and I'd be happy ;)