Thursday, October 1, 2009

hurts me brain.

you know those "word verification" things that you have to type to leave comments on some blogs, or for placing orders, or other "we don't want this to get hacked" things on the interwebs? the things that look like hallucinations? they cause me GREAT stress. if you had to verify 911 calls that way, i would be dead. (okay, that implies i've used 911 for an actual emergency other than, the kid i'm babysitting set off the house alarm and i was wondering if you have a universal off switch for those. the sheriff did NOT like that.)

so like i said, great stress. i feel like i'm back in school doing the sight and hearing tests. i hold my breath and hope i can get it. when i mentioned this to tim one time, he looked at me like i was extra special. am i the only one that has this problem. not that i would be surprised if i was the only one with this problem.

yep, that's it. that's all i had to say. i just tricked you into reading all that. sucka.


  1. no, i agree. sometimes they make them all splotchy looking and add extra dots and crap and i can't figure out what the letters are or even if they are english. i rarely have comments so important that i feel i have to go to that much trouble. (except now - of course - when i'd rather comment on blogs than do work)... imagine that

  2. Ditto Michelle. Except that I often DO comment on blogs, and my need to have two or three people read my utterly unimportant viewpoint and not-so-witty commentary in the hopes that they will in turn comment on my blog outweigh the inconvenience of the word verification obstacle course, so I do it anyway. Yeah. So I guess not "ditto" after all.

  3. Mary- to comment on your post on my blog (cuz I didn't know if you'd see it if I commented back on mine?) I have to do the shots for the whole pregnancy. And believe me, my laundry skillz would put NO ONE to shame - I literally, seriously, totally honestly do laundry like once every 3 weeks or when one of us runs out of underwear, whatever comes first. Monica puts everyone to shame on just about everything (her house is always clean, she does laundry like several times a week, etc, etc.) That's one of the reasons I'm not sure about cloth diapering. I cannot seem to stay on top of doing laundry any more often than that. We'll just have to see.

    Oh, and I totally agree about the stupid word verification thing. So many times I contemplate leaving a comment then when I remember I have to log in and do the word verify box I'm like "oh screw it."

  4. You can shut the "word verify" option off. I don't have it on mine. Just sayin'...

    And Michelle, you flatter me.

  5. I love this comment thread :)
    yes, Mary I have too always wondered if I was the only one who hated the word verifications as much. Although I think it would be fun to be the one to make them and see how impossible I could make them be! ;)

  6. I've never been particularly bothered by them, maybe I have some mad skillz for word verification boxes. I added mine to my blog after getting weird spam comments on my blog posts.

  7. i love these comments.

    michelle b.-yes, thank you. i too have often wondered if the letters are even in our alphabet, and they are most certainly not english.

    elizabeth, you're girls blind me with their cuteness, thus making that my comment on almost every post of yours. girls-what a novel idea. and maybe your need to comment comes from the fact that you're a middle child ( as pw would say).

    michelle d.-you actually made me feel better about my laundry skillz. i do laundry every week-monday. but my whites still aren't whiter, nor are my brights brighter.

    monica-you are never allowed to come to my house, as i'm afraid of your skillz all around. and i mean that in the nicest way possible : )

    erika-maybe as you nurse james, you could make that a part time job. plus, easy to do one-handed.

    and michelle t.-maybe that's why you'll be a great transcriptionist-your nerves of steel on the keyboard. and no thank you to yucky spam.

    that's right, three michelles read and commented on that post. i feel like that should garner an award.