Sunday, April 4, 2010

a funny

my brain is so crowded with pretty heavy thoughts, but i think this little gem of a story is probably more pleasing to the court.

today we spent easter at my aunt's house with a good portion of my dad's family.

(this is where a couple of paragraphs would have been describing my family, trying to set the tone of the story. i tried to write them, but felt like i just couldn't do the clan justice. i think we are a pretty "interesting" bunch of people, but i think a lot of families are pretty cooky if you really know them. but maybe not. are we exceptional in our oddness? regardless, i find my family pretty dang amusing.)

(this is the paragraph i tried to write describing my cousin zach. he's especially amusing. my brain is way way too tired to do him justice.)

max was carrying around ben's half empty bubble bottle (i guess i really am a pessimist) and fell, spilling a lot of the bubble solution out. before he could decide if that upset him, my cousin reached down and filled it back to half full from his bottle of beer. beer, in his opinion, looked more authentic than water because it created the line of foamy bubbles. zach didn't want to insult max's intelligence because he would have noticed the lack of bubbles.



booo. i totally destroyed the story. apparently i can't write about my family-much to complex a topic to capture the appropriate nuances of. this really isn't worth posting but i'm giving myself an B+ for effort. maybe sleep is a better idea.


  1. I appreciate the effort :)

  2. For stream of conscious writing, I give it an A-! Hope your Easter Monday was good!

  3. For posting it even though you did not think it was 'perfect' A+ (you are teaching me to relax more with my posts!)

    So as far as your family goes...yes, definitely exceptional