Wednesday, June 2, 2010

craft therapy

yesterday i was having a really challenging day, feeling really overwhelmed by work, the boys, the house, life. because it was tim's day off, i left, with no boys and no plan. after dropping off paperwork at work and clearing my head over a sandwich and a newspaper, i headed to the goodwill. i love thrift stores and was not disappointed yesterday. this happy print was just what i needed to lift my spirit.

yes, it may have been a bed sheet, but it didn't have to be used as a sheet. for $2 i got several yards of adorable, soft knit fabric, begging to be crafted into something for a sweet little girl.

after a quick call, i headed to my sweet momma's house and this happy little room.

i should have taken more pics yesterday because this one really doesn't do it justice. on the shelf is a cute row of thimbles and a pincushion that reads "i (a heart) my mom" spelled out in needle heads that i did long, long ago. i love her little craft room, were the sewing machine is always set up, she has every color of thread i could need, and sharp scissors always in their place. but most importantly, she kindly, with the bribe of a shoulder rub, threads the machine for me and even makes me bobbins. yes, i own a sewing machine. but it is not magically threaded by a fairy who then offers helpful tips and keeps me company.

not wanting to deal with a pattern, i invoked the help of my paternal grandmother, eyeballed the fabric,and started cutting. i used the elastic edge of the sheet as a waistband, sewed up the side for a skirt, and made a hem. once it was done, i walked over to my brother's house (who lives in the same neighborhood) and tried it on my niece, the intended recipient. she showed her approval in her own 16 mo. old way-namely, not pulling it off. because it was a little big, i went back to the happy room and sewed up the side a little more. then i made two more for two other nieces.

when all was said and done, i had this much thread left:

it felt so good to accomplish something, with no interruptions from the boys and no demands being placed on me. granted, the skirts were pretty wonky (and wrinkly), but i don't think the girls mind and fortunately they have very kind mothers who don't judge or look too closely.

honestly, more therapeutic than the sewing was getting to see my adorable nieces, along with their cute brothers and understanding parents. by the time i wandered home, my boys were beautiful again and tim had undertaken quite an interesting surprise.

oh this crazyhardincredible life i live.


  1. Very cute! I agree that crafting is very therapeutic. I envy your willingness to forge ahead without a pattern. That intimidates me, so I always use a pattern and stock up when they're on sale for $1 a piece.

    And what is the interesting surprise that Tim undertook? It's not very nice to tease.

  2. Cute fabrics and skirts. I am also impressed that you went patternless! I'm glad you got some time to yourself to do something you enjoy.

  3. Adorable! I love the print and I am impressed you tackled knit fabric- me and knit fabric aren't really friends ;)

    And also- this post made me miss my mother. Give yours an extra hug next time you see her so she knows how much you love her :)

  4. gracie <3 her skirt. thx aunt mary!

  5. this was very therapeutic to read. I love your mom and yay for time to yourself! Looks like they turned out really well!

  6. I just stumbled upon this, what a great post! And what a great way to re-purpose an adorable print. Those skirts are just darling. Very creative and fun.

  7. This post is very good. I shall strive to work crazyhardincredible into my vocabulary. Thanks Mary. You took your day off to give to others, first in forms both fabric and bloggy. Is your love language gifts? Because I would have pegged you for quality time. Maybe its both, cuz reading here always makes me feel like I've got to spend some time with you. Awwww....sappy older brother.

  8. You're so inspirational! :) And it's nice to know I'm not the only one with a sewing machine who still prefers to use the one miles away with the magic fairy helper :) My mom is SO much better than I will ever be! And who'd have thought that a sheet could be made into such adorable skirts?!? Way to visualize :)