Thursday, June 17, 2010

t.i.r.e.d. !

(too lazy to upload pictures. maybe someday. it's good exercise to use your imagination.)

i've been quite a busy little bee lately-hence the absence. (sorry to leave you dangling in suspense, elizabeth.) okay, honestly, i've been plenty lazy with a few spurts of super productive.

the day of my last post, when i escaped for some craft therapy, i came home to a half way painted master bedroom. whah, what?! yes, instead of cleaning the house and taming the boys, tim plugged the boys in and started painting the bedroom. we had given the room up to ben last fall but were ready to reclaim it and hoping to put ben and max together, finally. painting the room had been on my to-do list and i had already bought the paint but just hadn't tackled the project yet. it had been a nice, soothing "herbal" green before, and i now wanted it white. plain white. after laying in bed and being nauseous while pregnant with max, the color wasn't very soothing to me any more and i just wanted a clean look. but i knew it would take several quotes to cover and was waiting for a magical, elusive burst of energy to start.

so i came home to even more house chaos than when i had left. praise the Lord i had the strength to bite my tongue and just thank tim for starting the project. it was very sweet of him to help me (as he knows one of my love languages is acts of service, along with quality time ((joel)), but my goodness did my tongue hurt. tim is not a project kind of guy and will do whatever it takes to get the task done as fast as possible. (or whatever it takes to avoid the project completely.) in the process of helping with this project he scratched the wood floor and broke the glass in a very sentimentally valued, large piece of art. as i came into the bedroom to behold it's glory, which he declared done, i observed walls that looked what could be best described as sad green walls that had been white washed. he had already done nearly two coats, but they would definitely need more. i painted for awhile but then just had to let it go for the night and thanked tim for giving me the motivation to start.

the next day i first tackled the house, then over the course of the next couple days, finished up the painting. once it was done, tim admitted that it looked so much better than his version and apologized for the floor and picture. although we've moved our dressers and bed in and are using the room, it is far from my done vision. i wish i could reveal an awesome, totally put together project but i'm trying to get creative (read thrifty)and it takes a lot more time and energy than just going to the store and buying a room in a bag. but i already love it so much more than before and nothing, NOTHING beats getting to look out the window at night to a starry sky and wake up in the morning to cool breezes. and that's what money can't buy.

so that was and continues to be a big project, along with consolidating the boys and their stuff in one room, cleaning out and organizing clothes, and restoring our upstairs to a lounge/storage room from a bedroom/closet/storage room.

to aide the cleaning out and organizing, today, a friend and i started our garage sale. the house already feels lighter and maybe i'll use some of the cash to finish up my projects. but it was a big undertaking. probably it's own post. several rooms had already been purged in may, knowing we were going to do one some time this summer, but all of them got cleaned out this last week.

last night we stayed up too, too late getting stuff ready and i only got four hours of interrupted sleep before heading back to the garage sale, zombie style. of course, instead of writing all this i should have went to bed, but i needed to wind down a little and wait for ben to fall asleep because he's....sleeping in our bed. the boys in the same room isn't working so great, but, eh, we have a king sized bed.

so cheers to getting stuff done, even if it means i'm totally pooped!


  1. *WHEW* (in case you couldn't tell, that was my massive exhale from the breath I've been holding since your last post. I was starting to get a little light headed.)

    Congrats on the bursts of productivity, and good luck on the remainder of your garage sale. May it bring much profit and decluttering of your house, and hopefully some blog-worthy stories of some interesting customers to boot.

  2. Haha, props on the king size bed. We have a queen... Gemma was sick the other night so Aaron slept in with her, and I made the comment the next morning that I missed him but Kolbe and I sure enjoyed a little extra space. Tee-hee. As much as I'd enjoy a king bed though, we'd have to rearrange and it would totally mess with the feng shui I feel we have going in the bedroom and I just don't think I could handle it. Yeah. I'm weird like that.

    Glad your painting project turned out how you wanted it in the end. I admire your mad tongue-biting skilz. I have very good intentions, often, but then, well, they are just that. Intentions. You humble me.

    God bless!

  3. Kudos to being a "good wife" and keeping your mouth shut. It amazes me how a man and woman can live in the same house, for several years, and still be so not on the same page. This kind of thing. . .the mild mis-understanding/attempt to be thoughtful gone bad. . . happens to me all the time, so I can definitely empathize.

    Keep at it with the boys - they will adjust - we just recently got three of ours "settled" into their new room. Naps and bedtime are actually pretty smooth again (thank God!) after several months of "adapting." Of course we have the king-size bed and it definitely still gets quite a bit of company now and again. We also have a recliner in our room and that has proved indespensible for rocking the little ones back to sleep and then tucking them back in their beds. (Since we have our bedrooms in the basement - otherwise we would have to truck it upstairs to get to a chair that rocks.)

    Anyhow, hearing about your productivity gives me inspiration - keep on, Girl :)

  4. sounds like life has been pretty full. Sorry I never got back to you on the g-sale with Michelle but glad you are charging onward on your own. A friend of mine who lives by us is having on and said I could put a table of my stuff up so I may do that. So is your g-sale going on now or did?