Friday, July 30, 2010

and the winner is.....

i didn't want to send you into the weekend with suspense over the giveaway. so with out further ahhhchoo....

the winner picked by random number generator was...

elizabeth! it is appropriate that she won because she had several comments, but each time she made new word suggestions. so if she made multiple comments just to up her chances, she did it in a clever enough way so as to not attract attention. plus, it was her first comment that won it for her. so maybe matt isn't the lucky one after all. (although he has you and the girls, and that's pretty darn lucky!)

my favorite word suggestions were snorckel from erika and schnixzel from jja. they were all really good, but i felt like they didn't quite embody the apparently completely unique to me phenomena that is my "caught off guard, laughed out my nose because i forgot to open my mouth" action, which i think i will from here on out call snorkeling. several of them had to be thrown out because there was no way my little brain could figure out how to say them or remember how to spell them.

amanda wins a special prize for saying "sneeze pee" and census guy was disqualified for using one of my very least favorite words-fart. (even just typing it now makes me send a scowl out into the universe directed at him.)

because i never win anything and because i'm a pretty totally fantastic nice person, anyone who emails me their address at mary_strawberry(at)yahoo(dot)com before next wednesday will receive a prize in the mail in 6-8 weeks. (or maybe even days if we all get lucky.) be assured, i will sell your personal information to as many scammers as possible, so please also include you SSN# to make it worth my time.

have a great weekend.


  1. Yay for Elizabeth!!
    And yay for snorckel! ou have no idea how happy this makes me

  2. Hooray! While I'm thrilled to be the winner of the beautiful stationery, I must admit I feel a bit guilty knowing that you gave me an entry for every comment. That was definitely not my intention. Being the thesaurus junky that I am I was completely captivated by the idea of creating a new word and couldn't stop myself from checking what other people were suggesting and commenting multiple times. Like I said, I needed some adult conversation. Thank you for blogging and providing such a source of amusement for the rest of us - I know I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else does as well.

    Now I feel like I should pay it forward and have a giveaway on my blog. But what should the prize be?