Monday, July 26, 2010

buying friendship

because tim is on his way home with a free! pizza from knolla's,

because i finished the work that i had been putting off even though i would have rather stuck needles into my own leg,

but mostly because you guys crack. me. up! with your comments,

i am doing a giveaway.

seriously-you guys encourage me, commiserate with me, and literally make me laugh out loud. and sometimes through my nose. (can someone please give me an accurate descriptor of the action of exhaling/laughing through one's nose. neither guffaw nor snort is quite appropriate.)

i love stationary and love getting mail-who doesn't?! pretty/cute cards are such a satisfying cheap thrill for me. so as an excuse to buy more cards and in an attempt to thin out my own stash, for christmas i made these compilation sets of a bunch of cute, blank note cards. i gave them as part of my gifts to tim's mom, my sister, and several other people. this set was intended for a friend, but then i didn't want her to feel obliged to get me a gift and set the precedent for gift giving between us, so i didn't give it to her. (yes, i know i over think things.) they have been sitting in my craft/storage room ever since, longing to be loved.

so leave a comment giving me the word i desperately need to describe what i do when elizabeth describes matt rolling her down the stairs and using the word "girth" in her comment. (see the comments on my last post if you are confused.) if you need me to imitate what i do, ask me in person. i considered doing a video of my snort laugh but that would be weird even for me. (but in person i have no problem ;)

i'll select a name at random, but the best word might garner an extra prize. (brother-if you win, i'll man things up for you, drenching the cards in beer before i mail the package to you.)

thanks for brightening my days with your comments. seriously, thank you.


  1. "hahasnerfpsh!" with the ensuing "oooh..." when a tiny droplet or two of unmentionable liquid accompanies the mirth. (or maybe that's just me and my allergies..)

  2. I am beaming with pride that my choice of vocabulary played some part in inspiring the giveaway question. All those daily vocab words in Honors English (and years of being made fun of at work for using them) finally paid off! Thank you for adding something special to my day.

    Chortle - a combination between a chuckle and a snort. That's the first word that came to mind, but it doesn't seem quite right, so maybe this calls for making your own word, a la Michelle. Alas, I am awed by Michelle's ability to create sentences and words that encompass the very nature of the act, every snot-filled bit of it. I will not try to compete with her intuitive level of word creativity and stand by my lame, dictionary based submission.

    (Oh, and if you can request more pictures of my cute girls then I am going to formally request more pictures of you boys, you know, to encourage you. Their big brown eyes and blonde curls caught on a memory card help to lessen my fear of having boys, and I think that fear may be something that needs to subside before God uses it to teach me a lesson. No official news on that point, just a feeling I've been having).

    Man, that was a lot to say! I need to go to knitting if I'm having entire conversations in the comment sections of blogs.

  3. i heart you, elizabeth. alas you forget the inspiration for my mad English skillz - it was you who sat next to me in that honors english class, setting the standards for such great moments of literary genius such as the infamous R&J rendition: "A Hefer! A Hefer!"

  4. Funny, Matt, I was going to say snorfle. It is the closest word we have in Marneyspeak. There is usually mild congestion with the term snorfle (i.e. the baby has a snorfle-y nose) but I think it might work here too. (i.e. mary laughed her snorfle-y laugh at elizabeth's witty comment)

  5. Mary you are the best. I have to say I get the most excited when I see a bold number next to your blog in my google reader and today there were 2! And once again you have provided me with my daily sanity pill-laughing. Thank you.
    It's funny today I was thinking of going out and buying new stationary so I could get back into sending random notes (mainly to you). I LOVE your stationary and hope my name is the oh so lucky one. :)
    Elizabeth-I'll have you know that Chortle is a real word that is used by English people such as my dad to describe my babies laughter.

    So I was going to say Snortle and then read through the comments and almost wanted to punch Matt. (pooh on you Matt S.)

    I'll probably stay up late thinking of better words but for now I have: snickle, sniggle, or snorckle. I like snorckel best because it makes me think of bubbles coming out of a snorkel in the water.

  6. Erika, I like sniggle best out of your suggestions, since Matt stole your first choice, but Erin's snorfle is really good, too. I was lamenting that I'm the only person that lacked the creativity to come up with my own word and had to use one I knew was in the dictionary. I am glad to know that I'm not the only person that has used that word in real life, though, and hearing that it's a word used by the English makes me feel slightly sophisticated. A small consolation for my lack of originality. I think I'll go have a crumpet for breakfast to celebrate.

  7. loving the suggestions. after elizabeth said chortle (which i've considered before but isn't quite right)i considered snortle and was pleased to then see matt suggest it. these are all really good but needs to better describe a nasal EXhale and it seems these are more inhale-y words. i do like snorkel (misused) though. think of the sound of spraying water out your mouth, but it's my nose.

    regardless, you guys are the best!

  8. Your facebook post on Joel's wall drew me in again.

    After doing a quick check of the thesaurus/dictionary the best I've been able to come up with (which isn't saying much) is sniglitus, a combination of snigger and halitus (fancy word for exhale). I'd like to figure one out for sternutation (fancy speak for sneeze) but I got nothing. Others may feel free to manipulate that word in whatever way they see fit. I do not lay claim to it.

  9. my fuzzy head is saying that your nose laugh is a schnixzel. the 'sch" in reference to the schnozz from which it came and "xzel" for the action of exhale. i was just looking for some stationary and finding none in my house, had to resort to writting a letter on plain white paper. it was a cryn' shame but the letter had to be written!

  10. Wow, Mary, you have a lot of creative friends. I am bowing out of this partially because my brain has been removed to allow for another pair of arms to help me care for the kids and partially because I have not experienced this occurance in real life (since the last time I remember actually talking to you in person would have been back in high school, over 10 years ago now!) and just cannot quite wrap my mind around what exactly it is you do, let alone find a word for it! But this whole ordeal is definitely most entertaining :)

  11. The timing of this post is quite uncanny because today I was cleaning out my storage room in the basement wherein:
    1. I added more random papers to my drawer o' stationery. (that's right-not to be ninny, but paper stationery is spelled with an e)
    2. I realized that I need to write my sister a letter because she has sent me both a birthday card and a "sleep-deprived letter version of drunk-dialing" (her words, not mine)
    3. I still have lots of census stuff, including the tote bag give-away from several months ago, which seriously needs to get to the Stockemers.

    As far as the challenge, I find it slightly intimidating, since so many grand suggestions have been made already. I fear my hat in the ring would be quite lackluster. But I shall try to call you tomorrow, sister to hear this sound for myself.

    Oh. And I also find it quite humorous how Matt S. only emerges from the woodwork to comment when a giveaway is involved. Even a flowery stationery giveaway.

  12. i agree with joel regarding the ellusive presence of "Matt S.". if he is randomly selected for this prize i will feel most unjustly treated. as if it werent enough that he gets to hang out with elizabeth, melanie and claire every day - he steals blog prizes also! although i must admit that the pain is lessened by the knowledge that he has yet to actually receive his last blog prize.

  13. All I can think of is sneeze pee. Because that is what I do, currently... and I'm sorry if that's tmi. :) You are all just too creative for my preggo brain!!!

  14. Census Guy and Army Wife, you have hit the nail on the head, although it's upon my encouraging that Matt S. has made an appearance again. He was wonderfully persistent about getting his comment made as well, since Google was being difficult and wouldn't let him sign in. I'm testing out a theory that he has better luck than most. If he wins this giveaway as well I will start making him enter other blog giveaways for bigger prizes, like free iPods, all expenses paid vacations and winning your own private island. Here's hoping my theory is right.

  15. After calling up Mary this morning, I am convinced that what she is describing is actually a nostril fart. But when you are descibing it, you really don't want to use that many syllables. So my submission for this phenomena is nart, as in: "Mary started narting over Elizabeth's use of the word girth."