Friday, December 31, 2010


the perfect finish to my 50 posts for the year was supposed to be our family slide show.

a few years ago, for our christmas eve gathering, one of my brothers suggested that each family compile a slide show of their family for the year. it has become the best tradition and i really wanted to share our's that tim made to wrap up our year. but alas. i can't upload it. i tried. i'll never succeed at reaganing.

i should have just stopped with my last post, although this one takes me to 50. oh well, things will never be quite as i imagine, but i'm okay with that.

goodbye 2010. hello 2011. can we please be friends?


  1. I think that's the secret...."things will never be quite as i imagine, but i'm okay with that". That's contentment....a very beautiful thing indeed!
    Happy 2011!!

  2. This was incredibly exciting. It was like when you tell your kids that they won't be getting that awesome toy from Santa, because he didn't have the supplies to make it, and you better get your hopes down. And then, Christmas morning-there it is! That's what you've done for me Mary. Look at that 50 by 2010. Isn't that a satisfying feeling?

    Keep trying to post your video, here or on facebook. Because it was wonderful. And included a very cool song that I want to put on my playlist for this year. See, I'm never happy. Just the ungrateful brother that keeps asking for more.

    Liked your use of "reaganing"