Sunday, January 9, 2011


i just realized i have over 40 draft posts waiting to be developed or edited or forgotten forever.

sometimes i have a funny topic come to mind, but am too tired to write, so i save a title to remind me later of what i wanted to write about. or sometimes, i start a post, but realize it is too meaty of a topic and i can't quite wrap my brain around it or hack it out the way i want it. the thing is, i don't think i've ever developed a post around one of those titles i left for myself and i never go back and try to fix those posts i just couldn't quite figure out.

some titles that have been abandoned:

blackberry heaven
biting baby dan doll
moo moo thunder

and the "post" that i left most recently that made me realize how many times i've done this-"the oxford comma".

this little haibit amuses me.


  1. That is so amusing. Wow. I am totally intrigued and think if you don't finish the posts, you at least owe us some sort of synopsis or further description now. ;-D

  2. I'm curious about what the posts are!!!

  3. blah, i commented and then blogger deleted it...

  4. oh now it works.
    yes, synopsis please! (what is the plural of synopsis?) and what the heck is an oxford comma?
    Out of your 40 and my 11 unpublished drafts, we have one in common..."Being Green without going green"

  5. So googled "Oxford comma"

    I did not realize this was the name for this grammatical conundrum, but I too have given much thought to the oxford comma, had discussions with the 6th grade English teacher about it, totally disagree with the way our current English series teaches it. So yes, I too could write a post about the oxford comma. (Unless you're talking about the Vampire Weekend song).