Monday, May 9, 2011


so i guess i never said which monday i would close the comments for my little reader appreciation giveaway ; )

we've been very busy and very tired around here, which seems to be my constant refrain. plus our computer has become really slow, so it's frustrating to spend my precious little free time trying to upload pictures. i think i need to move our pictures onto our external hard drive to free up some space, cause this is ridiculous.

ben helped me draw the names of the winners. yes, i wrote out the names, old fashioned style. i prefer to do things in the most time consuming, primitive way possible.

so if the following people could email me their addresses-mary_strawberry(at)yahoo (dot)com, you can expect something in the mail in oh....considering my speed of action around here....about two years.

*army wife-i realize that's not your name anymore but my brain was frozen at the time and i couldn't remember your married name. please forgive me.

the michelles really dominated on this one. ben must be partial to the name michelle. max pronounces it sha-shell.

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