Monday, May 30, 2011


today i said goodbye to these old friends. tim and i bought them, old theatre seats, when ben was a toddler. sometimes after dinner, when we felt like doing something but had no plans, we would go stroll around a huge antique mall that's close to our house. ben would chill in the backpack and we would chat while looking at all the interesting treasures. honestly, we only did it a handful of times, but it was always fun and was a good winter activity, until ben got too grabby and i got pregnant and too nauseous.

close to christmas time we spotted these and really liked them. we didn't really have any place for them in mind for our house and the price was kinda high, so we made an offer that we were comfortable with and figured that the vendor wouldn't accept it. but then he did, and we hastily bought them, making the chairs our christmas/birthday/anniversary present to each other.

but like i said-when we bought them, we didn't really have a place or plan for them in our home and they just floated around, never really being very useful. i had decided a couple of years ago that we should probably just sell them, but knew that we'd have a hard time getting what we paid for them and i felt stupid losing money on our impulse buy. i'd posted them on craigslist a few times but hadn't gotten any interest, except for shady scammers, further killing my motivation.

yesterday morning, it popped into my head that i should post them and did a quick listing. when i came back from church i already had a text about the seats. i got excited, planning out which project i would tackle with the extra money. unfortunately, i got a speeding ticket last night. (much deserved-i'm terrible about speeding. part of my impatient nature.)

when the guy came and got the seats today, i was sad to let them go, but especially annoyed that the money would just pay my ticket. tim was sweet and said i should still do a project. i'm blessed to have such a kind and generous husband. i probably would have scolded him if he was the one who got the ticket. when i told him that i got one, we was very sympathetic.

it's silly how attached i get to things-old tshirts, books, old papers and letters, and in this case, furniture. it's good for me to watch hoarders and home organization shows to keep me from going down that road ; )


  1. You are blessed, Mary! Don is the same way, very sympathetic...unfortunately I don't always reciprocate;)I have the same speeding disorder...I blame it on my uncle, he was a race car driver.

  2. I always liked those seats and wished I had a place for them. Farewall lovely vintage seats.
    Well at least you have some extra money to pay the ticket. *shrug*
    I use my cruise control religiously to avoid tickets but i know I'll get caught on the day I forget to use it. The worst place for me is on 21st street on the way to the Y after 119th. It seems like it should be faster there and the cars behind me ride my tail, even at 45 mph!

  3. that's exactly where i got the ticket erika. leaving teal brook headed west. i pulled into the Y to get the ticket : ( that's a good idea using your cruise control-unfortunately my car doesn't have it.