Tuesday, June 28, 2011

oh mittens

max has been having a hard time lately expressing his wants and needs. and by lately, i mean the last 2 years of his life. here are some recent examples: max-"i don't want a fork. i don't want THAT fork. I DON'T WANT A FOOOORRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!" while pushing the fork away at the table. me-"well then you can go get whatever utensil you want to eat with max." max, completely calm and cheery-"i want that fork." and then he happily eats his dinner.

or: max-"i don't like this dinner. i don't want that food." said with varying degrees of snotiness. me-"just try one bite max. usually you like (insert whatever we're having for dinner)." max-more snotiness and pushes his plate away, resulting in a time out complete with screaming and crying. when he is finally returned to the table and given one bite-" i like this dinner. thank you mommmy." then proceeds to eat all of his dinner and ask for more.

yesterday, to prevent a meltdown about a lost sticker, i quickly intervened and gave him a new sticker. little did i know, that darn little helicopter sticker would cause us much strife. me-"max, do you want it on your shirt, right here, like this?" carefully asking to avoid a freak out over an ill placed sticker. max-"yes." then, instantly upon me placing the sticker in the approved place and position, max-"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NOT LIKE THAT!" i encouraged him to ask nicely and helped him flip the sticker over, which he declared the proper position. again-"NOOOOOO!!! NOT LIKE THAT!!!" and that's how the insanity continued. i told him because he was being rude i couldn't help him. and we were trying to get out the door. he kept flipping it from right side up to up side down. nothing was right. after screaming and tears he finally got distracted, only to resume the fit at my parent's house. God bless my mother for intervening with some different, less frustrating stickers. curse you helicopter sticker.

this morning at breakfast i served max his fried egg whole because we've had some "issues" in the past over me cutting his egg into pieces. after eating his toast he asked me to cut up his egg. i asked him several times if he was sure he wanted me to cut it up. yes, he was sure. and for about ten seconds after cutting up the egg, i thought everything was going to be okay. but no. suddenly and very dramatically, he had a change of heart. he NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his egg to be whole again. i just cleared my plate and went and got dressed, soo not in the mood to listen to another egg fit.

i'm recording these max moments so that in 30 years, when i look back at pictures of max, i'm not fooled by those golden curls

i love you dearly max, but you make me crazy. you're lucky you're cute.

and that, occasionally, you sleep.


  1. he IS cute...though I do feel for you on the lack of communication and inability to stick to his decisions. I know James is about to step into that stage, it's scary but oh well, here we go anyway...

  2. Hmmmm, I could have written several of the paragraphs in this post about Gemma. Glad it's not just us (no offense)! Here's to mothering!

  3. He is very cute!! Annika and I have had those specials moments too, make me really look forward to when she hits puberty and is all hormonal and even more irrational.

  4. 2 year olds are a special breed, aren't they? Some are trickier than others. Honestly, even as demanding and opinionated as Adelle is, I am just thankful she isn't as wild and crazy as Liam was when he was two. Liam made my threshold for two year old antics pretty high.