Tuesday, September 25, 2012

crazytown journal

several friends have started doing the journal thing blog posts. i like these, but just can't bring myself to conform. so instead, i give you this series of events, which i found to be pretty comical.

after working on a few things on the computer tonight, i got up, complaining to tim that i feel like i have a million little and some big things that i need to get done. as soon as i stopped talking, an alarm went off on my phone reminding me i needed to pay bills tonight. blurg. add that to my list.

when i went to check on ben, who has a slight fever, i found that max had fallen asleep in his toy box at the end of his bed, sitting upright. at first i thought he had been woken up from the storm or had gotten up to go to the bathroom and scampered back to his room when he heard me coming. but nope. he was tanked out and i'm pretty sure he had been sitting there/sleeping for an hour and a half.

after doing several other jobs, i sat down to pay bills and eat a piece of pie/turnover that i baked up from the leftover dough and apples from max's pie on sunday. can't let it go to waste. upon taking my first bite of pie, another alarm went off on my phone-one i have set that goes off every night at 10:15 with the message that reads, "go to bed or you will hate yourself tomorrow". i never do go to bed right away, but to be caught eating dessert at my self-imposed bed time really seemed to highlight my poor decision making.

the first letter i opened was a very crisp piece of paper and when i pulled it out, it whipped up and hit me in the eye. for a solid minute i clamped my eye shut, visualizing an eye ball sliced in half. i'm still not sure if my vision is blury and if it is, if it's from exhaustion or that malicious paper. what was the bill? health insurance of course. tim brilliantly suggested i go look in the bathroom mirror. my response, "i'd rather just eat my pie."

oh, and while i had my eye squeezed closed and was envisioning my blind future, it started hailing.

fearing the task of replacing the roof again, i asked tim to join me in prayer. after we made the sign of the cross, i hesitated for a bit, distracted by my eye. tim started up without me, "bless us oh lord and....". after we prayed, not over our food but for the protection of our home, he admitted that maybe he was in fact a bit tired and should go to bed.

instead of finishing the few jobs i have left for the day, i wrote this comedy of errors out instead. and tim just came and informed me that i'll have to leave an hour early for work because i have to take the boys to his mom's house since he has to report to court for jury duty.

i'm gonna put a big ol' A++ stamp on tonight : )

oh man, i can't even make this level of weird up! before i could hit publish, i heard max fall out of his bed and had to go tend to him. he's fine. he didn't even wake up. and now i'm eating more turnover.


  1. Oh Mary, I'll say a prayer for you and your family, and for the safety of your home. You really do make me smile, and not just when you're blogging about a series of unfortunate events. Get some rest.

  2. these are the moments when i feel, for some reason, like God should have intervened and made things go more smoothly. especially when, on top of many other things going poorly, i fall victim to physical injury. "thanks, God, for adding injury to insult." i am one of His BRATTY children, obviously.

    1. Totally agree, Patty. Usually my physical injuries happen because my pent-up frustrations are taken out on inanimate objects, which in turn backlash with my aggression. I SURE that's not what happened with Mary though.

  3. OH this mad me laugh out loud, with you not at you of course.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Glad everyone is OK.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mary. I always enjoy your writing :)

  5. I was like you at first and didn't want to conform to the journal thing, I think I switched the order around a little from Erin's just so I'd be at least a little different ;)
    I think it would be fun if you joined in, come in the rest of us are doing it ;)
    Sounds like it was an exciting night for you. I hope you enjoy some good days with a series of joyful events to make up for it!
    I couldn't help but laugh thinking about Max sleeping in the toy box. Too bad you didn't get a picture!

  6. I like your name for your alarm, and the fact that you ignored it. Max sleeping in the toy box sounds adorable.

  7. This made me chortle aloud.

    We are the same person. Except you are funnier. And more cool.

  8. Mary is a good writer. I demand more writing!!!

    I, too, wish that there was a toybox picture. But understand that would risk waking him up. And you should never, ever wake up a sleeping Max if you could at all help it.