Wednesday, October 10, 2012

cute things i want to remember

occasionally my boys say cute things that i would like to remember. i wish i was better about writing them down, and i sometimes find odd scraps of paper floating around the house that i've scribbled something funny down on, like the night that we mapped out the plan for the band we would form, but mostly i'm just a lousy family historian. so here goes.

for the last several months, max has been really set on the idea of being "an ambulance person" when he grows up. he must think about this a lot because he will randomly ask me questions about the logistics of being an ambulance person. "where do i buy my ambulance, mom?" i explained the process of school and hiring to him and he seemed thrilled that someone would pay him for his services. tonight as we were driving home, just the two of us, completely out of the blue, he asked, "can ambulance guys get married, mom?" when i answer his questions, his response is usually, "so...okay." and i can literally here the wheels turning in his noggin, processing the new information.

ben's current future occupation is an astronaut. every night he prays for, "all the people on earth and all the people in the space station." for about a day max was willing to join him in space, but he has now gone back to ambulance person.

the other night they were talking about how when they are grown men, working at their respective jobs, they are still going to live in our house. call me a crazy little ol' italian momma, but i don't think that is such a terrible idea : )

people often ask if the boys are twins. other than ben being taller, which is hard to tell when they are constantly swirling and jumping, i guess i can understand why.

i call max "max mouse" because when he's really excited about something, he squeaks. it's pretty cute. and he really likes cheese. and he's much quieter than his older brother. i like the mouse a lot.

i used to call max "charlie puppy" when he was 2 1/2ish because when i'd call him charlie he'd morph into a puppy who was mostly cute and sweet and much better behaved and compliant than max.

tonight at dinner, a well balanced meal of dillon's chinese, ben's fortune was, "struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in." ben's quick and enthusiastic response was, " I BELIEVE IN GOD!" he frequently tells me that he has a heart on fire with love for God. such responsibility to help form these mighty souls i've been entrusted with.

after prayers when we were having our snuggle, squished in max's twin sized bottom bunk, max asked, "does God make super heroes?" i put on my preachy mom hat and explained that God doesn't make guys with x-ray vision or guys that turn green and muscly when angry but he does give each of us special gifts and talents that we can use to be super heroes to other people, like super kindness or super helpfulness. being a little bored by my own answer, i decided to add, "or sometimes if a person has really stinky toots, they have super stink powers." spurred by their eruption of giggles, i fought my uptight tendencies to suppress their giggles and hurry them to sleep, and continued, " and when max makes up in the morning, he has super grump powers." this went on for a bit and i tried to soak up that glorious little slice of time.

the boys are both at pretty decent ages. ben is off at school for most of the time and honestly, it's a relief having mr. needs-constant-activity-and-stimulation not always asking, "what are we going to do now?" max plays pretty well with his cousins that he spends most mornings of the week with, but also plays really well by himself. his fits are MUCH more manageable and don't escalate to anywhere near the levels they used to. tim and i have finally decided to keep them. for now.

scrapbook closed.


  1. great answer to the super hero question, i have filed it away for later!
    i'm glad that you are having these wonderful moments - and that you're writing them down. :)

  2. It will be interesting to see what your boys do grow up to do, I'm sure it will be something very exciting and original and they'll probably do it together.
    and, on the super stuff, your little godson is most definitely has some super powers with his "super stink powers".

  3. Adelle saw the last two pictures and said, "Why are they nakey?!"

    I love it when Max squeaks. Isn't this usually accompanied by him opening his eyes really wide and raising his eyebrows? I miss your little guys.

    Up until yesterday, Liam wanted to be "a person who travels around the world and saves nature." We read a book about priests yesterday and now he thinks he might be "a priest who travels around the world teaching people the Good News of Jesus." I told him either one was fine as long as he visited his Mama sometimes :)

    Thanks for the glimpse of sweet life at the Woodburn house!

  4. Thanks for the peek into life with your sweet boys. I do believe I'm going to need to tap your vast knowledge of parenting boys in the future. You really do such an amazing job. Your boys are so blessed.

  5. Well done. An excellent post that will be treasured for years to come :)

  6. I *might* have tried to get Max to call it EMT, on account of the fact that I just can't handle that much cuteness, but apparently it didn't take. :)

  7. sounds to me like you're getting pretty good at the parenting gig :) cute stories and i still love your humor!