Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a boring recipe post to dust off the cobwebs

 i've been wanting to post for...oh....months now, but life keeps happening. and although i enjoy writing and sharing in this space, well, i'll just skip the annoying reasons that don't mean much to you and get on with the recipe.

i made this soup for some friends and they asked for the recipe. instead of typing it out and emailing it to them, i thought this might be a better way to share it with a few more of you who might enjoy it.

Chicken Curry Soup
 (boring title. maybe max's commentary on it might make for a better title: "It looks gross but tastes good Soup")

3 onions chopped
4 T. minced garlic (several cloves? i usually use the jarred stuff. yes, i'm a heathen.)
1 stick butter
4 T. curry powder
1 t. cumin
4 c. chicken stock
3 c. half and half
4 c. chicken
4 c. cooked rice (i used brown)
1 heaping T salt
1/4 c. *gasp* sugar

-In the large pot that you will cook your soup in, so as to only dirty one pot, saute onions and garlic in butter. Once tender, add spices. I added the cumin because the soups seems to be lacking a little bit of depth that more curry wouldn't fulfill, but if you figure out what is missing, please do tell. I'm not very experienced in curry, cumin, turmeric genre of spices. 
-Add stock and half and half to onion/garlic/spice mixture and heat until hot but not boiling. Finally add chicken, rice, sugar, and salt. I have issues with adding deadly, horrible white sugar to a main dish, but I did it. I dare someone to try honey or stevia and report back.

Eat. and hopefully, enjoy.

I get horribly anxious sharing recipes because i'm paranoid i'll have a typo on the ingredient list or amount and i'll poison you and your family, or worse, ruin dinner and all your hard work. and i can't follow a recipe to save my life. so, consider yourself warned.

the end.



    (I always feel an urge to use all-caps to make up for your lack thereof.)

  2. This makes me so happy. We have just that much chicken and stock left from the chicken I made today, so guess what we'll be eating in the next few days :) Thank you so much! Sincerely, My Tummy

  3. Yay! A new blog post!!! I really liked that soup, thanks for sharing the recipe.

  4. I was seriously sad to miss this soup, Mary. Now I can make it and pretend I am with all my friends when I eat this (even though Xavier and Zelie are a bit more demanding, I will pretend they are my friends- just ones who spill their water and need their apple peels cut off).
    And, yes, I am very, very happy to see a new post, though you are under no obligations to keep up the streak.

  5. Joe wanted to call it, "looks like baby poop but tastes good soup". He had the discretion not to say this until after the kids were in bed. So yummy! Thanks for sharing!