Tuesday, August 18, 2009

coupons and hair cut

i LOVE a deal. it's a family thing. in some families it's valued to be ambitious about money, make a bunch of it, and then show it off. in my family, thrift is the name of the game. one dear uncle will occasionally awe me with his most recent side-of-the-road findings. and he finds some good stuff. all i ever see is single shoes.

this summer i 've really enjoyed garage sailing. (no it's not sale-ing. for me it's sailing.) i've scored some great treasures, even with two little boys in tow. maybe i'll chronicle them here sometime, but not tonight.

our whole house is furnished almost completely with second hand furniture, mostly free. (that has more to do with generous family and friends, good timing, and God's small blessings, than my own thriftiness.)

so in seek of more cheap thrills and because garage sailing season is winding down, i have become intrigued with the idea of couponing. i don't know that i can completely get into it, but enjoy the ease and possibilities that this site offers: http://www.moneysavingmom.com/. today i went to target in pursuit of some free thrills and did okay.

for these four items, i paid $2.20 with tax. the bread alone would have been $2.49. not that i would have bought it for that much, but it is a fun treat-blueberry strudel (or strussel?). according to the receipt i saved $4.50. yikes. groceries can be so expensive. i often think i'd rather eat beans and rice and spend my grocery money on fun things instead. oh what a dark day that would be for my dear husband who 1.)doesn't like beans and 2.) doesn't like rice.

so we'll see how couponing goes. i might just have to use craigslist in place of garage sailing, although part of what i love about garage sales (it's not sails, of course) is the walking and the summer weather. we'll see.

in other news, i cut my own hair last night. which means, i went and had my awesome stylist fix my hair tonight. i say stylist because she does too great of a job to be called my hair gal. the idea of me having a stylist is quite hilarious though. because, since i love a deal, before going to said hair cutter, i had rarely paid more than $7 for a haircut in the last five years. but she is worth it and i love knowing that all my money goes directly to her instead of to a corporation or to pay a rental for a booth. and her little boy is soooo cute. it's quite the entertainment i get in addition to my cut.

i don't have a before pic. it looked like i had grown puppy dog ears in the form of hair. it was not a good look and in a rather annoyed mood last night, i decided i could fix it. then realized i couldn't. it really wasn't that bad. and if i had enlisted tim's help, it just might have worked. but we weren't friends last night and i was more than happy to have a good reason to go have my hair cut.

this is the after.

that's what happens when i try to take my own pic.

tim said i try too hard. i say, i don't generally like pictures of myself. so at least if it's weird, it's obvious. instead of it trying to look nice and turning out weird. (it's also a family thing. i have pictures of many generations making odd faces.) plus he didn't give me many chances. he was busy.


  1. I just checked out the coupon site you linked, and wow! I clip coupons regularly, but I'm really not very good at using them, so I'm going to have to make a habit of checking this site out. I really like how they tell you which store to use them at to get the best deal. Thanks for the tip!

    And I always like you hair and didn't think it looked like puppy dog ears on Saturday, but that could be attributed to my straight hair envy. And if you can pull off a short cut as well as you do (which I frequently try and then end up regretting due to the less weight = bigger hair factor)then all the more reason for me to be jealous!

  2. You make me smile. :) We tried coupons from the paper for awhile... I was awesome at clipping, and had made an art (and annoying anal-retentive ritual) of the way I not only clipped them, but read the paper on Sunday mornings. Like Elizabeth, however, I was not good at using them. Needless to say, we cancelled the paper delivery. I'll have to check out that site. :)

  3. We cancelled the paper too after awhile, we shop so much at Aldi that we didn't seem to use very many. I'll have to check the site out! We're also blessed to have an entire houseful of second-hand furniture. I think the only things we've bought are our bed and a glider that we'll use when baby comes. Ours too was one of those right place at the right time combined with generous relatives. As usual, love your blog!

  4. I know what you mean about pictures of yourself- I feel the same way. It's always a better idea to look goofy on purpose.
    Who's your hair "stylist"? Not that I live there anymore, but I'm just curious.

  5. I love you Mary. You make me smile :)

  6. sandy, thank you for agreeing with me on the pic theory. one of many reasons why you've always been my favorite cousin-in-law. my sister-in-law's sister cuts my hair. she does a great job every time. you would have never had your haircut trama with her ; )