Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an ode to humidity (and other things)

humidity, how i hate thee.

the only good thing about this 200% humidity that we're having is it makes max's hair soo cute and curly in the back. if ben's were still long it would be doing the same thing. i seriously felt like i was living in the rainforest at the zoo today.

(insert pic of max's cute curls. use your imagination.)

on the other things front....

i can't find the charger for the camera so i hope y'alls have good imaginations if you're going to be reading round these parts. (it's important to add the "S" to y'all to heighten the effect. otherwise it might seem like i actually like the word(s?) y'all.)

sawesome is fitting into our family well. she is making me do all kinds of things i said i would never do and i haven't even wanted to take her back to the shelter for making me do these things. (that really does say quite a lot because i have honestly wanted to return my boys at times. but then the whole dilema of where to return them comes into play. "ahhhh, uterus, can i get a refund on this one. he's a bit much for me." and i'm yet to find God's drop box......

with sawesome, it's very interesting to me that i handle her much better than tim. (if i do say so.) or is it that she knows he will love her unconditionally so she can totally misbehave, whereas she knows that if she misbehaves with me, well, let's just say i'm not as forgiving. when she sliced my leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf i didn't go within her reach for days and gave her the "you know exactly why i'm mad at you" look.

on top of being really sweet and patient, what the shelter didn't tell us was she's part sled dog. she easily pulls ben and max in the double stroller if i let her. today she pulled ben, max, and the kid i watch after school-i'm guessing a good 75ish pounds. at first i was having a hard time keeping up with her because, although impressive, i really don't like her pulling that much weight by her collar and try to give her some slack. and we were going downhill. but when i get her a harness, i will have no guilt and might even hop on the stroller myself.

the end of the walk is always the kicker. she is tired and not as pully, we are walking into the sun, and there is a hill right before our driveway. today, it was made much more challenging because there was a dead squirrel that she really really REALLY!!! wanted and just couldn't forget about. so at that point i'm pushing the 3 kids with her trying to pull us in the Other direction. i just had to laugh.

(insert pic of max "holding" sawesome's leash. i hold it at the back of the stroller, but because she walks in front of us, max likes to grab her leash and hold it as we walk. totally precious.)

let's see, do i have any other cute pics i want to share. ha! oh, i crack myself up.

stay tuned. next post to be titled "deals". it was interesting to see your comments about coupons. i had a very interesting day last saturday deal hunting and i have to figure out how to properly bring it to life without the much needed voices, scowls, and sass.


  1. I do not miss the humidity. That's one great thing about Colorado- when it's humid here, you barely notice it.
    Sounds like you guys are having fun (?) with sawesome (I love that name). Other than the whole slicing the leg thing.

  2. I always have to chuckle when local people say something about the humidity here. Because when you grew up in Kansas, this seems like nothing. Nothing. I think there has been one time in the last two years here that I have thought, "Gosh, it is a litte muggy"