Monday, August 3, 2009

and the winner is....

monica. yes, monica, you are the official winner of my "i'm trying to buy your love" drawing. if you could send me your real live postal address and then check your mail in 6-8 weeks, you will find a surprise. to everyone else, hang in there. maybe someday you to can be as lucky as monica.

no pictures tonight. i'm tired and going to bed. i just tried to conquer the toy takeover that has become of our house, but i don't feel like i made much progress. ugh, tooo much STUFF. every time i get our house cleaned out, more STUFF seeps in to clutter my world. my fantasy these days is to live in a clutter free house for one whole magical day. (okay, if i'm fantasizing it would also involve a cook, a maid, quiet children....oh i better just stop thinking.) the crazy thing about the toy takeover is that we don't buy the boys toys.


  1. Seriously?? Meeeeee?????????? A priiiiiiiiiizee?????? In the MAIL??? In 6-8 weeks?? For REALLL??????? Oh my heavenly heavens, how can this be?!! Oh the excitement, the wondrous excitement. I will pitch a tent and camp by the mailbox until said prize has arriven.

    Um, do you really want my address for real?

  2. have i not made it clear monica, i don't tease, especially with something as precious as a prize. if you don't want to disclose your address for fear that i will staulk you, then you get no prize. just the chance you have to take. (you can send it to me on fb so that is private.)