Tuesday, January 26, 2010

funky town

i'm fighting a serious case of funk over here. the green-eyed jealousy funk. the i want to sleep when my children are awake instead of at night when my brain can function without interuption funk. the i want warm weather and picnics funk. the i think i'm supposed to do more with my life but don't know what it is funk. or maybe the i do and don't want to/can't get motivated funk. the they're literally sucking the life out of me and yet i love them so much funk. the we NEED to go get out of the house but the boys are fighting colds funk.

yep, it's post birthday january. this time of year is not my favorite.

maybe some dancing will help. but not ballerina spins. those made me feel queasy last night.

(okay where did spellcheck go? like i needed one more frustration.)


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. I was in a particularly sour mood yesterday. Waking up to sunshine this morning helped, but I feel there is still a bit of road left to travel before I am back in positive territory. I'll wave if I happen to see you as I travel along. Maybe we should carpool.

  2. Hope you jump out of that funk soon... Need a new song to sing with the boys? That's always fun... Or some books from the library? We could drop some by later... :) I understand. This time of year is pretty crummy when it's not warm out. Exercising really helps me - have you ever done pilates at home? :)

  3. Word. Seriously, I could have wrote a lot of this.

  4. Blah. I feel your pain as well. For the last 2 years I've scheduled my funnest school projects in feb and march to actively counteract the winter doldrums, but that just helps me (and the students) make it through the work day. I haven't found the secret to bring joy back to home life. Thank God Lost is returning next week.