Thursday, January 28, 2010

seriously. HELP!!

glad to hear i'm not the only one with the funks. but before i can tell you about how i'm trying to beat the funks, or entertain you with tales of grow-with-me socks and a self healing toilet, i need someone to help me. where did spell check go??!! i updated something and now it is gone. cool that i have strikethrough, but i NEED spellcheck. my children have fried my brain, and i was not a good speller to begin with. i don't like being a bad speller though, but because of the brain fry (and blurry vision), i don't even notice sometimes.

please. help. other wise, my blogging days are over.

thank you in advance.



  1. I have the same problem here. Please pass along the answer if you find out where spell check is, and I'll do the same.

  2. If you use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser, instead of internet explorer, it does it for you....

    I'm still trying to figure out how to post videos, cause they changed that too.

  3. i checked the forums and lots of people are having problems with both spellcheck and video uploads. i decided to just switch back to the old editor for now.

    i have to admit, i really got my hopes up when i saw that you gals had commented. i assume pretty much everyone knows more about computers than i do.

  4. Well apparently you know more than I do, because I didn't even know I was using a new editor... how do you switch back to the old one? (assuming that's my problem...)

  5. I usually just write in word and then paste it back into my blog. I like using the Word thesaurus also.

  6. oh amanda. i should never be asked anything even relatively techie. although i switched it back, i really couldn't tell you how. it was somewhere on the settings page. i think. but if you never switched, then maybe they changed all the video stuff. i really know nothing.