Friday, January 1, 2010


one of my dear brothers makes a wonderful, fantastically nerdy top ten list every year. it's actually four top ten lists because he really, really likes lists. although i tease that it's nerdy, he does a great job-i love his reviews and it helps me to know a side of him that can only be expressed in written word. and in my opinion, he's got mad skillz in the wordz department.

so why do i mention this?....because.... i am honored to report.... (i know, i know, you're in such suspense) i made the number one spot for the best of the interwebs in 2009. while honored to receive such a...ummm....honor, i feel a bit of pressure. you see, joel finds my blog amusing because we share an odd sense of humor that i don't know how to describe. on facebook, we often steal each others comments. we make each other chortle and guffaw when others roll their eyes, or more often, stare blankly.

but i suppose if you came to this little space per joel's recommendation, you understand joel and all his charming ways, so you are at least a little used to our particular brand of weirdness.

if you choose to stick around, please be nice. my brand of punctuation and grammar is at times unconventional, because, even though i was an english education major for two and a half years, i dropped out of traditional university to go to a school called the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine. (a clue to the weirdness.) i really do love my boys and take very good care of them, so please don't be alarmed by unsympathetic posts and pictures, and most certainly, don't call SRS. if you're a parent, you get it. if you're not, enjoy your freedom!

but the most important thing a guest to my blog needs to know is: i heart comments. so if you stop by often, let me know. and to those of you that do leave comments, thank you for the affirmation. although i frequently hear, "you're the best mommy i've ever had in the whole world!" it's nice to have affirmation of the adult persuasion every so often.

to all of you- i wish you a blessed and peace filled 2010. this space has really helped me to grow in gratitude and to reflect and i have great hopes for the year ahead. some of which i'll probably share here.


  1. that is quite a lot of pressure, to make joel's almightly list, but well-deserved i think. keep up the good work my friend!

  2. I've been telling my hubby for months that if I had to pay to read a blog, it would absolutely be yours. I'm sure Joel is not the only other person who agrees! :) :)

  3. thanks michelle. ahhh shucks amanda-you're making me blush.