Saturday, November 19, 2011

oh ye internets

this post was supposed to be about the things i've been doing instead of blogging. things that i've enjoyed, but that just don't allow much extra time to write. and then of course, the jessie spano, saved by the bell quote comes to mind, "no time! there's no time! there's never any time!" and then the meltdown where she sings to zach:

i think this is a pretty memorable saved by the bell moment. so memorable, in fact, that when i googled "jessie spano there's never any time" i found these blog posts.

creepy. me and jimmy think alike.

and then i also found this...

or i could just copy and paste this whole post and pretend i wrote it. she even uses the you tube video i used.

when the huffington post has a graph of jessie spano's caffeine intake i feel like my joke is sufficiently lame.

so, this post actually morphed into another post that's been in my mental drafts for over a year.

the internet is, to me, fascinating and inspiring and totally bizarre. i'll come across blog posts of complete strangers that i have never read before that are exactly what i am thinking at the time, like they are my cosmic internet brain twin. sometimes it's amusing, but usually, it weirds me out a little.

a long while ago, i was thinking about renaming my blog to something that wasn't so frivolous. i thought, "oh, 'the extraordinary ordinary' would be a brilliant, totally profound name. like how motherhood is totally ordinary and yet totally extraordinary all at the same time." so i googled it. of course, there are several other blogs with this name, several of them with the exact same tagline that i was thinking of. one of them, this one to be precise, had a picture of her feet wearing red shoes, much like the picture in one of my first blog posts. and, when i looked up her blog to link to it, she had posted about halloween, when her two boys dressed as ninjas. MY BOYS WERE NINJAS FOR HALLOWEEN. as were probably several other million little kids, but still, weird.

i've never liked to be a copy cat. in seventh grade, i wore elmo bowbiters on my bright blue adidas shoes to show the world what a bad ass nonconformist i was. if i do copy, like with projects, i try my best to give credit. but come on-people are stealing the content right out of my brain.

at least i'm not the only one who seems to have this problem, as evidenced by this article i had read awhile ago about that steve jobs/apple silhouette that was all over after jobs died.

it's hard to be an original these days.


  1. Great post! I feel like you and I share the same cosmic blogging mind many times, except your posts are much more entertaining and wittier :) For the record, I like your blog better than the extraordinary ordinary one you linked and really like the name of it too. It is "original" :)

  2. I glanced at Extraordinary Ordinary because you made me curious. I read one of her posts, "Just Write" I think, about being overwhelmed by the constant cleaning required just to stay sane and the decision at the end to just dive in and and everything is a prayer...yup! It's so good to not feel crazy or alone. That's usually my response to reading a blog post I could have written myself.