Friday, June 26, 2009

and the awards go to......

i'm very tired tonight. it has been a long week with this creature.
and too much staying up late for me. i will be in bed by 10:07. if i type it, it has to be true.

this being the first lonely friday night of this beastie's existence (and the first night i'm not typing with the background noise of zombie moans and guns firing-not that that has anything to do with this) i shall make this an evening of awards. put on your ball gowns girls.

the first award of the evening goes to michelle, for being my very first follower. for reasons far to neurotic, i refuse to keep a blogroll, and instead have a blog stuffed favorites section. michelle-i will love you forever.

the second award goes to .....monica. for saying Gid bless, and then correcting yourself. that made me giggle. God is the only word you will see me capitalize on this blog. but if for some reason i find myself typing the word "gid" (maybe in place of "get"all hill billy style) i will forever capitalize Gid as well. okay, not really. i don't think i could remember to do that. i have a hard enough time remembering tim's birthday.

the third award goes to ..... monica again. because she offered a solution to smelly fishy clothes, thus fulfilling part of my lazy fantasy that involves other people solving my problems. (this girl is going to be tough competition folks. better bring your gloves to this blog.)

and the final award of the evening goes to ..........erin!! because she was the first person to leave me a comment. ever. i think tim may have tried, using my name, or maybe i tried using my name, but i'm going to give erin credit.

thank you. thank you to everyone. maybe next week there will be prizes involved in the awards ceremony. i love how thepioneerwoman does prizes. these prizes will not be mixers or $500 dollar cowboy boots though. but, if you happen to be lucky enough to win one, will treasure it none the less.

shoot. it's already 10:11 and i haven't given you the picture of the day. well, without further delay. (ben's picture doesn't count for some reason.)

my sweet husband bribed me with cuties so that he could go out with previous-post mentioned boys. and i don't mean ben and max. although he did take them to dillons and drove them around in the coveted race car cart for an hour. he's good people. i had actually already given him "permission" to go, so these where really just him being sweet. please ignore the mess of toys in the background. if i could do it all night, surely you can overlook them for a few seconds.

****question to other blogger users. is there any way to get email notification of comments. heaven forbid i miss one on an old post. seriously folks, they're my candy. i hear typepad can do this. typepad seems oh so wonderful with the ability to reply directly to comments, but it also has a fee. and i'm cheap. so blogger it is.


  1. To set up email notification of comments posted to your blog go to your dashboard and select the "settings" tab. Then go to the "comments" section and down at the bottom is a place for "comment notification" where you can enter your email address and presto! Comments in your inbox! I thoroughly enjoy this feature. It seems much less odd to stalk your inbox than to stalk your own blog (not that I do that or anything...) Happy blogging and may the comments be plentiful!

  2. right, i just "stalk my blog" and i'm not even ashamed to admit it!
    HORAY i won a prize!!! and your shoes are super cute - your little, so you can do neon-ish shoes cause your feet are probably thimble-sized. i feel too much like a baby giraff to pull off stuff like that, although admittedly, if i saw some like that at Target i would probably buy them anyway and endure the criticism of my husband. such is life.

  3. I just want to thank Mary for giving me this award. I couldn't have done it without Joe, who goes to work so that I can have high speed internet at home; to Silverstar for their DSL connection. And a final thank you to my kids and their "rest time" without which I wouldn't be able to mess around on the internet. *smooch*

  4. b/lo/g MoRE!!!!!#@∆˙˚ÓÔ

  5. thanks for the help elizabeth. you're my hero. and to you, dear joe, you are hardly one to talk.

  6. oh, and michelle-you're the cutest baby giraffe i know. and they're from walmart-$10. so you go rock it, ye tall one.

  7. Awww, two awards just for me. Now I'm definitely hooked. :-D Blog on, my friend, blog on!

  8. well, guess you can see I"m leaving a blog comment, mary! and note, it came out vomment, but i corrected it before i hit 'post comment' .... just b/c i now know misspelled words amuse you. ;)