Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the best (for me).

i don't do bests or favorites because i don't like to make definite statements. no favorite food. no favie movie, book, or even child, now that max has joined ben on the dark side. but i can easily say tim is my best AND favorite husband. (although sometimes, as whiny as i am, i might say something different. sorry t. you know how painfully whiny i can be.)

when i allowed ben to bake in the sun resulting in a terrible sunburn, tim didn't repeatedly scold me, making me feel more terrible than i already did. oh the guilt i've had. or when ben referenced the emperor's new groove during dinner and i told tim i let ben watch it because it was either get a nap or give ben away, he simply said, "i'm glad you got a nap. i'll never judge you letting him watch t.v."

tim is so blessedly laid back that when i have gotten absolutely nothing done in a day and he comes in the door, he asks if i want subway for dinner instead of being annoyed i didn't cook. then when i beat myself up for everything i have failed to do, he says, "hey, you kept the boys alive. that's something."

i highlight these things because i whine about tim a lot. so maybe he has let the grass get so tall that my dear brother mowed it with his tractor. not a lawn tractor mind you. a real tractor. with a bush hog attached. and maybe he does like to go out with the boys a lot. A LOT. i won't digress to a discussion of his other wives. and maybe he lets ben watch a bit to much t.v. when he's in charge. the other day i came home to find ben eating his lunch at the table by himself, watching a little t.v. tim had brought downstairs and set up, so he could kill zombies in the family room, which ben is not allowed to watch. but hey, at least he respected my wishes and didn't let ben help him kill zombies.

but all in all, he's a pretty wonderful guy. and i've been told i'm not perfect either, so it all works out.


  1. You and I are very similar. As are our husbands. I could have written something that closely resembled this.

    Glad you decided to blog :) And I really like the picture in the header!

  2. Yay for starting a blog! Someone else to read about and ignore the dishes in my sink ;) I look forward to reading the Woodburn Chronicles in the future.

    And I can completely relate to just about everything you said about Tim in my relationship with Matt. Especially the part about being so wonderful when you don't get anything accomplished during the day. God truly has blessed us!

  3. Welcome to blogger!! Aaron sounds similar to Tim. Not the zombie part persay, but the laid-back part. He is so easy going about things it just kills me sometimes because I am quite rather the opposite. Errrr, just a smidge uptight. Maybe. Look forward to following the comings and goings of your fam. Gid bless!!

  4. Um, that would be "God" bless. Yeah.

  5. does "bob"=allison s. ?? you know we but i don't know you.

  6. Bob = Elizabeth's husband Matt

    I didn't realize he had signed me out and signed in his google account. Sorry for the confusion :P

  7. thank you for clairfy elizabeth. i can hear you saying the comment now that i know it's you.