Thursday, June 25, 2009

do you really want in my head?

(because i feel pics are necessary, this one is "shhhhh. otter is sleeping." seriously, this is my life.)

so i've been figured out. it was actually my intention to see how long i could keep this thing under wraps. makes sense, right. post a blog on the WORLD wide interweb(said in my best nerd voice) that i don't want anyone to see.

my reasons for trying to hide out were ......

1. i didn't want other people to witness my angry rants or depressed wallowing. i wasn't sure who i wanted my audience to be. random strangers who stumble upon this or people i know. did i want this to be a blog highlighting our little family or did i want this to be general enough that when i hit the blog lottery and became famous, i would have interesting enough content to capture people's attention like these gals....amanda, ree, or amy . on a side note, just in case your thinking, "well, isn't she full of herself. thinking she'll become a widely read blog." it is only my desire for this very simple reason. i HATE trial and error. i want an audience that i can turn to and say, "does anyone know how to get a mystery fish smell out of your child's laundry?*" and then i will get a hundred comments explaining other peoples' successes and mistakes so i end up with the perfect solution the first time, every time. impossible-yes. but a lazy gal can dream, right?

*the smell was coming from his omega 3 capsules that he chews. now it's no longer a mystery, but i still haven't figured out how to get it out completely. and i really hate fish smell.

2. i didn't want witnesses to my insanity. i think if you just read all of the above, you see my point.
3. i didn't (and still don't know) if i would keep it up. i really dislike when people start blogs and don't update them. don't feel bad if you have started one and don't maintain it. it means you have a life. but i don't have a life and when i 'm sitting at home on a friday night checking to see if other people have updated their blogs and realize, nope, they're actually living their lives, i'm more annoyed at myself for not doing something interesting than annoyed at you for not updating. make sense? no. good.

but at least for now, this is what i've figured out. my audience is me. (and tim- that's why i was sucking up to him. grin.) i need to be entertained, and this is my attempt at doing so. if i happen to entertain you as well, please leave a comment. i gobble them up like tim gobbles mike and ike's (or anything else with sugar for that matter). if you're STILL reading, the insanity must have sucked you in. sorry. i tried to warn you, i think. and i don't know if i'll keep this up, but here's to today.

if nothing else, this little three day jaunt has given me an appreciation for the truly beautiful, interesting, entertaining blogs that i enjoy. it's a LOT more work than i thought.


  1. Try soaking your fishy smelling things in Borax (if they aren't bleachable). It does a pretty good job.

  2. *insert celebratory mental dancing here* MARY HAS A BLOG!!!!!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!

  3. Yes, keeping up a blog IS a lot of work ... but wait until you discover the ability to pre-write posts. That's my secret to happiness.

    Oh, and #3 makes me laaaaaaaaugh! A total scream!!!!! :)