Tuesday, June 23, 2009

out of the frying pan

so here i am.(okay, actually that's not me, but i was experimenting with the picture and can't figure out how to take it off...so you get to see max after eating mullberries.)don't expect me to ever capitalize anything. and please don't judge me for poor grammar, misspelled words, punctuation or being a bad person. i am trying-sometimes. other times, i'm just lazy. wow, this is already therapeutic.

i've thought about starting this space for a bit, but avoided it because i prefer to just think about doing things and then never actually do them. and then there was the whole debate over the name. and oh, did i ever debate. after a jillion other name attempts, i settled on this, because it worked. it was odd-even names i had no attachment to, if they were already taken, i was heartbroken. there were tears. actually, quite the opposite. i don't cry. i just get mad. and belligerent.

so i'll see how this goes. either it will or it won't, but i'm tired of just thinking about it. so cheers to ACTION!!

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