Thursday, July 30, 2009

okay so....

so i feel bad. i had no intention of leading all you (because sooo many people read this. but those that do are important.) dear readers on that something big and beautiful was going to happen around here. i'm not a tease. really, i'm not. i'm so not a tease that for every holiday, the day i buy tim's present and try to tease him about it, i usually give it to him. in the four years of our marriage and even when dating, i don't think we have EVER made it to the actual holiday without already giving the present. by december 15th, 2007 i had already received my christmas, anniversary, and birthday presents. this is probably indicative of many other things, but i state this to prove that i don't like to tease or be teased.

so when i first mentioned that i was going to do something different blog-wise, i really thought i was going to---like the next day. but it wasn't all dependant on me. it also involved another person. that was the idea-me and another person, who shall remain anonymous, were going to do a blog together. i was excited, they were excited, and i let that excitement get ahead of me. well, we did a test run, but their enthusiasm faded, or maybe the timing isn't right, so i don't think it's going to happen. i know this is a lengthy explanation and not really that big of a deal, but i thought i owed it to you....because i'm sure it was hard for you to continue on with life with so much suspense built up. to make it up to you, anyone who leaves a comment by next monday will be entered to win a prize. don't ask what it is. but you'll love it. and it will make you forgive me and return me to favorable status.

in other news and to explain my sawesome. (as in awesome, with an "s".)

yep. we got a dog. i'm not really an animal person, but my guys are. i really like her though. she's a great dog and a very good fit for our family. i can honestly say she's already enriched our lives. she's also made me do things i swore i would never do, and in the first day of having her no less.
she likes to chew things. like the trees i had trimmed.
she's also peace loving, destroying these weapons in an effort to make our yard a safer place.

and oh does she like to dig. but apparently doesn't like for other people to dig, thus the need to destroy these sand box toys.

she's also gone through two leashes in one week. between her and max, it's a dangerous place around here.

i now have the all-american life. two kids. a dog. heck, we even have a bit of white fence by our front gate, although not picket. the rest is just gravy.


  1. Oh wow. I seriously don't know if I can even make it through the weekend now. Ohhhhh, the disappointment. It hurts, IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hold on, I have to go grab the tea kettle)

    Okay, I'm back. Now where was I????

    In other news, welcome to doggy-hood. Watch out, this is just the beginning. One day everything will be fine, and the next day you will realize that he is eating your house. I am not kidding. I have pictures.

    Good luck!

  2. Sawesome sounds like she's my dog Tobey's long lost sister. Tobey chewed everything up, but he had more expensive taste than your dog has been gifted with. Like my parents' electric pool cover, french doors, patio railing and several garden hoses just to start. And he had a real need to chase bugs into the ground and try to dig them out. At least that was our theory since none of his holes were more than maybe two inches deep. Ahhh, memories...

    In any event, welcome to the wonderful world of pet ownership. Your heart and home will never be the same :)

  3. alas, i suppose life will move on... it just has to... oh the bitter disappointment...

    Seriously though, have fun with your new pup! I've never been a huge dog lover, but I do love our dog, Charlie. Where'd you get yours? One thing that we found that (sort of) helped with the chewing was giving him rawhide bones to chew on instead. Good luck!

  4. right, the dog is cool and the kids are cute - but what's this about a prize!?!?!?! :0)

  5. I'm new to your blog! (your post on michelle's wall showed up on my newsfeed and I was intrigued!) I think I'm hooked now...keep it going! You made me laugh and your kids are so stinkin cute.
    Ps..I think I may have a dog here soon also. I'm giving him a trial run this week. So far, (one day later) he has chewed up one of my bras...other than that, he's being good. We'll see how I feel in a week. I could probably create a blog just about the adventures of Anna and Finley for the week and it would be very entertaining. But, I probably won't do that.

  6. So am I the only dog-owner who doesn't own a chewer? Is there something wrong with her? Watch her go ruin something now that I've typed that. I have caught her attempting to sneak off with a stuffed animal or doll a few times, but Sadie hasn't chewed anything in the almost 3 months we've had her, but she's a small dog, and 3 yrs old. Maybe it's a pup thing? What kind is Sawesome? I love her name, btw!

  7. It's definitely a pup thing. Max is about 2 1/2 yrs now and he no longer chews. All the, errr, damage was done in about the first 6-12 months of his life. So Mary, I guess I forgot to mention, they do grow out of it. However in the meantime...

  8. Have to get my comment in before tomorrow, but I didn't want to do it toooo early, because I have a reputation as a procrastinator to protect.

    Kolbe really liked to eat throw rugs until he was about three years old. Hasn't really chewed up anything since then, except one night while we were asleep (when he was about 5) he chewed the left arm off of two of Issy's Barbies.

    Clementine on the other hand....

  9. there's some distructive dogs in our families. i think i'm most impressed by kolbe for chewing off two left arms. i've never liked the lefties either, kolbe. ya can't trust em. and erin, ye ol procrastinator, your rep is indeed protected.

  10. I hope you really learn to adore this dog! I wasn't a pet person until I married someone with two dogs and it took a while after that. Now I can't imagine not having a dog to love and to laugh at. (I hope the chewing thing passes quickly.)