Monday, July 6, 2009

since i've been gone...

okay, i'm back. please excuse my absence-i was really busy being lazy. i've been oh so tired lately because my dear boys don't value sleep in the same way that i do. and i knew that if i blogged, i would go to bed way later than i should.

so instead i wasted time do other things, like reading magazines. oh how i love magazines. working at my dad's office was a dream job in that i basically got to read magazines all day long. whatever came in the door, i read-national geographic, parents, time...even the occasional field and stream or ebony. oh how my teen heart fluttered when seventeen found it's way in. and since my dad thought most of them were trash, which they were, he would throw them away. and then i would have to rescue them from the trash, making sure they hadn't landed on anything to terrible. i still remember on one particularly slow afternoon learning how to properly call a turkey and breastfeed with ease. and boy did that knowledge come in handy.

(that was quite the digression i just took you poor fools along on. )

the other reason i have been absent is because i've been scheming an even bigger, better blog. how is this possible? well, you'll just have to wait and see. you're dying from the suspense aren't you.

oh how i love this power. and the picture at top has nothing to do with anything, so don't try to figure it out.

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  1. *Sitting patiently, eagerly anticipating the "bigger, better blog" while pondering the possiblities it holds*