Friday, July 17, 2009

important breaking news

i found SANTA!!!! or at least ben's playmobil wiseman that he calls santa. and in his defense, it was probably not him who misplaced it (she said sheepishly). i may have thrown it in a bag with a bunch of other random toys as i was cleaning up and then thrown said bag upstairs to be forgotten. i can only hope that you have the same luck finding farmer, monica. and oh erin, i hadn't even thought about puzzles. yikes!

right now i'm typing on our old beastie computer. tim takes the laptop to work and i decided to do some computing because.....the clouds parted and God's golden rays shone down upon me. which means, both of my boys are sleeping at the same time. yes, it's a beautiful and glorious thing. and i using this time wisely. no. moving on.

so typing on the computer, i feel like a 1990s era hacker. the sound the keys makes is so very odd and my fingers are a bit fatigued from the stiff keyboard. i'm very particular about the sound of typing. i love the sound laptop keys make. i guess i just like the sound of typing in general. there that's my confession for the day.

no pics today. beastie does not like pictures.

if i were a good mother i would brag that max has started pulling himself up on things, like us, by our ears. or share some recent ben insanity. but i won't. because this is about me gosh darn it.

in other news, this might be the end of practical strawberry. what, you say? gasp. a life cut so short. well, as i teased before i'm working on something else and i think it's just about ready. or maybe i'll just keeping dragging this out to see how much attention i can get. hmmmm.


  1. Ohhhhh, the suspense, the suspense. Thanks for the ray of hope for farmer. I'm still holding onto the "Toystory" audition theory though...

  2. You are such a tease. And I am a "follower" of your blog. Aren't they supposed to, like, email me or something when you post? I need instant gratification!

  3. I am not a naturally patient person in many ways (which is why I will ALWAYS find out what the sex of our babies will be before they are born) so this coy game of waiting you are playing with us truly has me on edge. I hope you can gleen some sort of satisfaction from knowing you have that to lord over me :P

    And Erin, I think if you're a follower you're just notified of new posts on your blog dashboard on the bottom half of the page. I haven't seen an option to have new posts come through to your email yet, but maybe that's what the "subscribe" option I've seen is for. Hmmm, might have to look into that.

  4. As a blogger, you can add up to 10 people to receive email notification when you blog. I've done it with mine, but I don't know how to sign myself up for other peoples'. :)

    And Mary, I'm totally with you on the sound of typing. Hense the reason I am still awake. And typing. ;)