Tuesday, July 7, 2009

just keep waiting. just keep waiting.

i goofed a bit and forgot to make a crucial step that would allow me to move forward with the aforementioned "bigger better blog" so i'll have to entertain you with some random blathering. but just to tease you a bit more, just think...my brilliant commentary, plus someone else as equally entertaining and neurotic...and it's not tim. at least not yet.

in the mean time, go to playmobil and enjoy the visual feast and childish lust that will surely ensue. there are about a million things there that i want. we have tim's firetruck from when he was a wee lad and a dear friend gave ben the nativity set for christmas. i'm so protective of the pieces that it's a bit ridiculous, but ben honestly can't be trusted with something so awesome. i'm still mourning one of the wisemen that ben calls santa and get very frustrated when he flippantly states, "we'll find him someday."

i was always a bit of a toy hoarder.

rolling. not newsworthy, or new for that matter. just cute.


  1. Our farmer, "saanoooo" as Gemma calls him, from her little peope set, disappeared two weeks ago when I was making the bed. I literally watched him disappear. One minute she's holding him, the next minute he's gone. Have absolutely torn the room up looking for him. And every time you ask Gemma, "where's farmer?", to this day, she goes over to the same spot on the bed, lifts the covers and says, "saanOOOO, aaaaaa yoouuuuuuu??!!!" Drives me crazy. Glad I'm not the only one so protective of my child's toys.

  2. This is why I hate puzzles. It drives me crazy when a puzzle piece goes missing. Like crazy to the point of distraction. Like lay in bed at night thinking of places said puzzle piece might be crazy.

    There- my OCD exposed for all the internetz to see.

  3. we had a green clover piece from a shape sorter that disappeared for the better part of 2 years. Finally found it about a month ago when we got some baby toys out for my niece to play with. You have no idea how thrilled I was about that. Well, actually, you probably do...

  4. What about when you open a BRAND NEW puzzle and two pieces are missing? I've been spending a bit of time each day putting it together... and I kid you not, there are TWO border pieces missing. I literally just opened the box. And I've sorted through each and every piece TWICE. The kids haven't even been near the table, so apparently the dryer gnome crept out of his hiding place and decided to nibble at my coveted puzzle too! Maybe I should go down and look again right now... thanks Erin. ;)