Sunday, July 19, 2009

ready for my audition.

so, we may need to forget that i ever said anything about changing this blog. maybe. i know, i'm obnoxious.

in other news, this is how we've been entertaining ourselves lately. we tell ben repeatedly that he is only supposed to draw on paper. not on max, not on himself, not on the walls of our home, furniture, etc. and then we go and do this. our parenting style can be summed up as "mixed messages".

it was actually one of my sweetie nephews that helped me with this project. tim is innocent. i don't know if i even told him about this.

ben was patient. for the most part. he got tired of it after awhile and then we had to bribe him to finish the project. ahh, bribery. what would i do without you? it is AMAZING what can be accomplished with a few teddy grahams! ben calls them piggies. cute.

what a pose.

i love this little crazy.

that's about all i have to say.


  1. He looks great in blue! :D But with an adorable face like that, he could easily pull off green, orange, purple or whatever else you've got!

  2. You have been growing his hair out, yay!

  3. you promised us a fabulous surprise!!!!!!! don't back out now!!!!!!